Nice shirt, shame about the trousers

Friday March 28, 2008

Far eyed and craggy;  J R R Tolkien photo under GNU licenceI’m feeling all craggy and far-eyed today.  You know, the kind of feeling that makes you think perhaps it’d be a good idea to shave, throw away all those shrunken t-shirts and dig out the good old Vyella ones instead.  Oh, and wear strange trousers with pockets in places that are beyond dignified reach unless you’re a long-armed multi-tentacled being from the planet Tatami.

The far-eyed bit?  Just an urge to sit in the sun and gaze into the distance to a point just beyond human ken.  And suck a straw, like as not.  Sucking a straw is good when you’re no longer allowed to smoke a pipe.

Just as well I got my sitting in the sun done yesterday, for today it’s all dark clouds and sneaky chill winds.  I could do the shirt and strange trousers act, though.


14 responses to “Nice shirt, shame about the trousers

  1. Throw away my T and baggy jeans? Never! 🙂

    You’re quite safe, Bonnie… the Tolkien look wouldn’t suit you! 🙂

  2. How could I know that there are formal shirts, classic shirts, city shirts…! 🙂

    Heh! That’s only the beginning of it, Brigitte! But… a shirt is a shirt by any other name 🙂

  3. Definitely do the shirt and strange trousers act. It’s a good day for it.

    Sorry about the sunshine, but we really needed it here. I thought you were done with it…

  4. That’s what I need! A sit in the sun, staring into the distance. I knew there was something. Now, if only the sun would make its way back here 🙂

  5. yerp, we’ve got the rain here too, after a brief spell of sun this morning. My dad has an old shirt like that for gardening and diy, it smells of gardening and diy, in the nicest, warmest possible way.

    I’d love to sit and stare today, but if I start, I’ll be gone, so I can’t. Sunday maybe. If you do do some, do some for me 🙂

  6. All of my grown-up shirts are button-down collar dress shirts from Lands End (except for some dress shirts with corporate logo from technical conferences and such and one fancy white shirt for wearing with a tux). The odd thing is that I like that kind of shirt but I almost never wear them any more. The way I dress these days (what with working from home and all) I might as well be retired (or on vacation) — all jeans and sweatshirts — although soon warmer weather will be here and it will be all t-shirts and shorts.

  7. What a gorgeous shirt, John. I NEVER do ties, so I moved to chinese collar dress-shirts in 2001. I haven’t looked back since. 😀

  8. T’s are all here. Perhaps polo’s for work. Silk t’s for dress.

  9. I shaved, put on a nice shirt, and my strange trousers, and a tweed jacket. Then I went shopping. The young woman on the check-out called me ‘Sir’. What a strange world it is… 🙂

  10. Did Graham think you mad, or did you do it on the sly whilst he was out signing on to be a postman?

  11. I’d forgotten about Vyella. Beautiful material to wear and also to sew. Extremely expensive down here though. I made my husband a Vyella shirt and also used it for clothing for me. The sort of shops which sold it have now eliminated sewing fabric from their merchandise.

  12. Who’s the old gent in the picture, John?

    Is it, as I suspect, JRR Tolkien?

    Yes, that’s right, Andrew. I put the title and accreditation in the mouse-over ‘alt’.

  13. Perfect descriptions – the bit about “shrunken t-shirts” and “wear strange trousers with pockets in places that are beyond dignified reach”, in particular. Well put, my man.

  14. Why so you did.

    Silly me for not checking that!

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