Not my problem

Saturday March 29, 2008

I phoned the agent yesterday.  He wasn’t there.  I phoned him again shortly after the time at which I’d been told he’d call me back.  He wasn’t there again.  I expressed my disappointment and he called me back about half an hour later.

“I’m not impressed,” I said after being blitzed with a list of facts and figures as he tried to prove how well our property was doing.  “Statistics are all very well but it’s punters I want to see.  And punters are exactly what I haven’t seen.”

The outcome was that Graham and I are to meet him in his Bridgwater office on Wednesday morning.  He could rescue the situation before then.  I certainly would.

We shall see.  If the meeting is not successful I shall sack ’em, drop the price a tad, and shove the house back on the market a fortnight later with our second choice.  You know, the one who’d have been first choice if we’d had the benefit of hindsight.  Then we’ll turn on the patience filter and settle down to wait the thing through, no matter how long it takes.

The sacking is of their own making.  They insisted on a fixed fee based on our present asking price.  It will not be reduced no matter how low the figure at which we eventually sell.

It’s a strange thing, and I’d have to collect more information before proclaiming it a Law of Estate Agents.  When you criticise them for poor performance it’s always blamed on staff sickness and absence.  This is the third agency at least where I’ve been obliged to point out that their difficulties are not my problem and that they are remiss in attempting to make it so.


12 responses to “Not my problem

  1. A good kick up the backside, coupled with a dope-slap for your draggly real estate agent! Won’t be standing for lack of scramble on the part of a salesman.

    ~ Sil

  2. I wouldn’t waste your time reasoning with them.They have lost your trust already.Time to go.Good luck with the next bunch.

  3. “You know, the one who’d have been first choice if we’d had the benefit of hindsight”…

    Love it, John! (that statement covers a multitude of choices including ex’s and crummy jobs!) 😉

  4. How irritating. Were it possible to bottle some patience to send you to add to your reserves, we all would. Hugs, 🙂

  5. It seems that because you and Graham are reasonable gentlemen, the first estate agents always think they can take advantage of you and have to be sacked so that the word gets out that the two of you mean business. What foolishness.

  6. Way to go Wilford. Them two-bit punks don’t know who they messing with. If they get out of line you can always strike them down with diabetes.

  7. They ARE supposed to be working for you, John, so you’re certainly entitled to satisfaction. Is a fixed-fee common over there? Real estate commissions run in the 3-6% range over here.

    Fixed-fees are becoming less common, Gordo, with most agents returning to variable. The amount charged differs from one area to another; here it’s 1-2%. I think your real estate guys do rather more of the legal side than is common here, so they would need recompense for that; all our agents do is the advertising and price negotiation and, at the very last, key holding. After an offer has been made and accepted the legal eagles swing in to action; you’ll be learning about ‘Sally, our solicitor’ when we get to that stage. 🙂

  8. Following your “trials” with great interest, as always. I hope your patience won’t be too sorely tested.

  9. I can see you wearing your ‘no excuses’ face as you meet. Perhaps a t shirt with that emblazoned on the front would leave no question. 🙂 Good Luck.

  10. I had a friend from Mexico who explained:
    ‘in Mexico, you no work, you no eat’.
    This hombre should realize that:
    ‘you no sell house, you no get Jaguar’.

  11. Good on you then! No punters, no agent! “Second choice guy” is looking better by the day!

  12. Heh! Thanks, guys! A little rant now and then does me a power of good.

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