Winter cough

Friday April 4, 2008

There are daffodils still on the road to the Quantocks.  Rather tired now, bleached and battered by wind and sun, and traffic-dusted, too.

It’ll not be long before they are memories once more, waiting for another Spring to waken them.

I shall be in my seventieth year then.  Quite a solemn thought, that, if I let it be.

This is not a day for solemn thoughts, though.  It’s a day for sitting in the sun one more time before the next cold snap descends on us tomorrow.

We had lunch in the garden yesterday, first time this year.  The sun beat down on my chest and I could feel my winter cough withering away once more.  Not, thanks be, that it’s been much of a winter cough this year.  Each year I spend tobacco-free my winter cough grows increasingly less troublesome.

Might sound strange but I’d miss it if it went away completely.  Been a good friend, has my winter cough.


11 responses to “Winter cough

  1. Morning, John.

    A shame that the daffodils are almost faded away. Ours here are yet to bloom and in regards to the sun beating down, we’ve yet to feel that too! 🙂

    Nasty mix of sleet, slush and rain outside today.

  2. Mmm, yes, Kate and Jim, our daffodils are a brave 2 inches tall so far, out in the mud.
    Well, happy Friday all!

  3. Oh good heavens did you have to remind me how old I will be next year? lol

    I think our Summer is now here. Had the air conditioner on all night.

  4. youngster.

    Our daffs have come and gone. So have the cherry blossoms.

    Still, spring has sprung, the grass has ris..

  5. About 70% of our lawn is now exposed, so green is on the horizon. Our daffodils haven’t sprouted yet.

  6. We are finally getting warmer days here in Ohio, USA. Our daffodils are up about 5″ now but not yet in bloom. Our woods is a bog after all the snows and rains we’ve had.

    Glad your cough is diminishing. 70 is the new 50 you know!

  7. Shirley, in PA

    Ha – you’re just a baby. I turned 70 last September and a month later a growth was found which necessitated laparoscopic surgery. All was well, the growth was a benign but enormous cyst, and during all the testing and what not I discovered the birthday faded into the background. Our daffodils are in full bloom, the cherry trees are gorgeous and the air has a new smell. My smoker’s cough left years ago, and I don’t miss it. Tai chi helps with the arthritis. Life is good. Enjoy the sun.

  8. John, isn’t it amazing how time flies!

  9. John, m’deah, you might be pushing things just a teensy bit. When the next cycle of daffodils comes around, you will be in your 69th year, not your 70th. I only know this because from August to November each year we are the same age. Then, after November, I am (gasp!) a year older than you and *I’ll* be doing 70 come next daffy time. Of course, I prefer to think of us as ageless …

  10. I h ave been reading here for about a month; I don’t remember if I’ve commented yet or not, but I wanted to say how much I enjoy reading the words you put together here, and the images they create. Thanks.

  11. Today we have wind, rain, and mud. In fact, the mud sucked one of my shoe-boots right off my foot. The forecast for tomorrow? Rain, and wind. Nobody can use an umbrella here because of the wind, so we all walk around hunched up in whatever we have that will keep us warm AND keep out the rain. We drip, we steam, and we pray for some sunshine.

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