Just like a Manorah

Sunday April 6, 2008

The highlight of our day yesterday was–TADA!–the opening episode of the new Dr Who series.  It’s ok, you’ll get no spoilers from me except to say that is was worth the wait.  So that’s our Saturday evenings defined for the next few weeks:  Dr Who [intermission] Buffy the Vampire Slayer [intermission] Spaghetti.  No point phoning us between 6:45 and 10:00.

It’s good to have these minor focus points to the week when you’re in waiting mode and I’m already looking forward to next Saturday.

No moves on the house sale of course except to note that an exact duplicate of our house has just come on the market, marginally less desirable and not at all well presented, and at a full £10k above our new asking price.  ‘SOLD’ boards are beginning to appear around the town once more so we’ll carry on hoping.  Otherwise, we’ll just sit back and enjoy the summer.

There’s been no response to Graham’s job enquiry with Royal Mail.  Ill mannered louts.  It’s so bleakly unsatisfying to have people live down to your worst expectations.

Me?  Well, Dolly and I are just meandering along day by day, not doing much of interest, just following our unadventurous noses through the hours.  I’m in a total creative slump, which would worry me if it hadn’t happened so often before.  Sooner or later my response to an interesting shadow on the white rug in the living room will be something more significant than to say:  “Oh, look.  That’s just like a manorah.”




5 responses to “Just like a Manorah

  1. I could use a relazing evening of sipping a glass of wine and watching a bit of television. Maybe tonight.

  2. It is very helpful to have a house like your own go on the market for more–customers look at both and then buy yours! Happened to us!

  3. Hopefully Gary is correct.

    If postal are such ‘louts’ perhaps one wouldn’t want to work with them.

    I hope so, too, Bonnie! And, in my experience, it’s the Royal Mail managers that are the louts, not the individual guys with the caps and bags. Even so, your point is well taken! 🙂

  4. I don’t want spoilers for Dr Who, but could I have the title? It is often difficult here to tell if something is a rerun, or a new one. Sometimes we lag behind by a season, and sometimes we are ahead.

    It’s called ‘Partners in Crime’, Marty… And very good, too!

  5. Canada lags a full season behind and we don’t get the Christmas specials, either. Thank heaven for bittorrent. 🙂

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