Oh, yummity!

Tuesday April 8, 2008

I got back from the supermarket yesterday lunch time to find Graham in overdrive mode.

“We have a viewer,” he said. “Coming at three o’clock.”

“Well, don’t panic.  The place is spotless.  Do you want me to take myself off out of the way or would you prefer to go out yourself?”

“Oh, you go.”

So, after a suitable interval, off I went, leaving Graham to do the house-sitting thing.  It was to be an escorted viewing, from the present agent of course, so all he had to do was smile and sit quietly in a corner of the kitchen while the agent, mummy and daddy and at least three children hiked about the house.

Our first viewers!  They liked the house immensely but from what Graham was able to learn they still have to sell their own property.  I’m not overly pleased at that and shall say so if the agent confirms it when he gives us feedback tomorrow.  He assured us when we signed up that he’d only be sending genuine buyers who are in a position to put in an offer and proceed.

Even so, we can treat it as a dress rehearsal and we seem to have scored very highly.

“Well, that was fun,” I said as we settled back in to a nice quiet house.

“Suppose so.  What’s for lunch?”

“Sandwiches.  Pastrami and gherkin.”

“Oh, yummity!”


14 responses to “Oh, yummity!

  1. Whoo Hoo! First! 🙂

    That’s excellent, John. I can picture the nerves waiting for them to show. Actually, I know what those nerves are like. 🙂 The game is afoot!

  2. This entry made me think a bit. When we first tried to sell our old house (while we were still living in it) I can’t recall a single viewing while we were living there. (The housing market had almost totally collapsed where we had been living.) Then, after having rented it for almost three years, when our renters moved we put it on the market again and sold it long distance after not even having seen it for more than 34 months.

  3. Ah finally things are moving. That’s great, so once again I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the right buyer to show up!

  4. well, good luck! I am sure Dolly didn’t decide their visit was just the time to go into the litter box and….well, that’s what my cats do when people visit.

  5. Well dry run is better than none I suppose. Do agents just not listen? Or perhaps they have a seller lined up for theirs?

  6. That’s good stuff. Gerkins too. 🙂

  7. who’s pastrami with what type of gerkin on which bread? I’m intriuged but the thought of white pan with slightly damp gerkin and rubbery spicy meat isn’t doing it for me, I’m wrong, tell me I’m wrong? I have no appetite at the moment, and my imagination seems to be gone with it.

  8. Ah, Lou, sounds like your still suffering. That sounded like a wonderful idea to me, all those good things and devil hang the whose and whats! Who cares? Just gimme it. A splendid nosh. Hope you both pigged out, John! And, I must remember it takes all kinds of tastes to make a meal.

  9. Lou, you’re wrong. 🙂 If your mind has equated pastrami with rubbery, you’ve never had the real thing. Proper pastrami is melt-in-the-mouth tender, with a bit of spice to it and a nice crusting of peppercorns along the edge. Pastrami and gherkin definitely sounds yummity. 😉

  10. It’s on malted wheat, tender, razor-cut, peppercorns, with mustard sauce and Polish gherkin. Oh, Boy!

  11. Polish gherin? Ohh well… I’ve looked it up, so I know that gherkins are cornichons which are in Austrian-German “Gurkerl” or in “German-German” Gewürzgurken, something like pickled small cucumbers. Anyway, here we always eat them along with sausages, roastbeef (yes!), ham of all sorts….

  12. You are all making me hungry for pastrami and I stopped eating meat months ago!

  13. thanks John, makes more sense now 🙂

  14. Here in Canada it’s more common for home owners to disappear when a real estate agent shows the home. Apparently they think it’s easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves and their own possessions in the house.

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