A small treat for her cleverness

Thursday April 10, 2008

I took a call from the agent yesterday.  He had no news, though he seemed to be pleased to have found us a viewer, saying that one viewer is better than none.  Hurrumph!  I’ve asked Graham to take any further calls.  I don’t think my new-found loving and gentle old man act is ready to be tested to destruction just yet.

It was another lovely day, though, sunny and bright, and it looks like being much the same today.  It’s cold, and likely to stay that way until the blast of frozen air from the Arctic dissolves away.  No matter.  Find a nice sheltered spot facing the sun and you can feel your troubles fade.

Not, really, that we have any troubles.  It’s clear now that the UK housing market is in process of grinding almost to a halt.  We’ll weather it.

I’ve been looking at the possibility of letting this house out to tenants and renting or buying one in West Wales.  The figures simply don’t add up.

So I think the best thing to do is to settle back and wait, labouring meanwhile to make this place more and more desirable, and saving hard to improve Graham’s retirement fund.  I suspect that Graham will be out job hunting in earnest soon.

Dolly doesn’t mind.  A graceful old lady now, she sleeps happily through the live-long day, purring quietly away to herself often as not, and waking only as the offices of life demand.  Once or twice a day she comes along to demand a cuddle.  She gets it.  On nice days she yowls to be let out;  weather permitting she does a wild growling dash around the garden, frightening the life out of any passing minor moggie, and then comes back in to repeat the same dash around the house, up and down the stairs, finishing in the kitchen to demand a small treat for her cleverness.  She gets that, too.



9 responses to “A small treat for her cleverness

  1. On the plus side, supposedly Wales has suffered the greatest falls in prices so far this year, so if you manage to sell (fingers crossed) you might be able to negotiate strongly for a bargain basement (as “bargain basement” as any house over £100k is – what a crazy 10 years!!) property 🙂

  2. Good luck with the house sale, John. I haven’t been about much recently but pleased to know it’s now on the market and you’ve had a viewing! Fantastic.

  3. I can’t imagine being a landlord when I look at renters around here. I do hope the market picks up.

    You’re right there, Bonnie. I’ve made enquiries of local landlords and they reckon on about £20k to be found at the end of each rental period for the correction of damages and delapidations. Only about £1-2k is recoverable from the exiting tenant.

  4. A graceful lady of mature years, perhaps, but even for a Maine Coon she’s not quite old yet, is she? If I do my reconning properly, she can’t be more than 10, if that.

  5. Such an enjoyable post. Vivid images of Dolly dashing about the garden made me smile. My two cats are not allowed outside because we live in a woods without fence or boundary. They may not return!

  6. That reminds me: Have you seen the Obey the Main Coon shirts? Thought of Dolly when I first saw them a few days back.

    That’s a hoot of a t, Kirsten!

  7. ah, good luck with it John, good luck

  8. The housing market where I live in eastern Canada is bottoming out as well. The economy in our area is to blame. So many people are moving out west to get jobs in the oilfields.

    Good luck with the sale of your home. I have so enjoyed the photos of your homes over the past few years.

  9. “£20K at the end of each rental period”

    Really? Cripes. I’m glad I didn’t buy a flat when my boys went away to Uni. Sounds like that was a good decision.

    It looks a high figure but I suppose they are the pro’s.

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