A strange day

Thursday April 11, 2008

This was the day when the new agent called to sign agreements, discuss instructions, and take photographs.  The house will re-enter the market on April 17, at a considerably lower price, which he says he is confident will ‘attract a lot of interest’.

Once we’ve switched we’re going to take a far less intense attitude to the house sale.  We shall of course keep the place spick and span, and ready for viewing any time.  Other than that we’ll be sitting back and relaxing.  I told the new guy that and he approved but thought he could arrange a sale before we grow stale.

So we waved him off and were on the point of going out for lunch and garden centering when the doorbell rang and there, in floods of tears, was one of Graham’s ex-staff needing a shoulder to cry on.  Graham switched with impressive speed and smoothness into sympathetic management mode and I took myself off to my stuy, out of the way, and out of earshot.

I was just about to start writing a journal entry about something deeply trivial when Dolly came thrumping into the room, demanding cuddles.  However, when I went to pick her up she turned about and led me off to the bedroom, leapt onto the bed and looked at me.  Meaningfully.

It was a long cuddle and an even longer nap.

A strange day.


9 responses to “A strange day

  1. LOL! good girl Dolly, you know what’s best for yer tame human!

  2. Dolly is a wise, wise girl. Good for her and good for you for having the sense to follow her advice.

  3. Relaxing is the new intense. Far better for the peace of mind, as well. As is a cat that know when you need a snooze. 🙂

  4. Out of the mouths of babes — and furkids. It does us no harm to pay attention to their innate wisdom — especially when we get to sleep on it!

  5. When a girl needs a cuddle and so does her human, well…

  6. Thinking of Dolly and wondering if I could trade her for awhile for Chandler who likes to get me up! 🙂

  7. Such a good thing, that rapport between you and Dolly. She is far wiser than any human and should always be obeyed!

  8. Some days just turn out strange, don’t they? Often, not ‘bad’ strange – but when you look back upon it, there is always some good that has come out of it.

    Lucky for you – a cuddle and a nap!

  9. So you let that trollop seduce you to bed, eh? LOL!

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