Lost and not found

Saturday April 12, 2008

Yesterday was, as I said, strange.  Not in any frightening or harmful way, just disjointed and uncontrolled.  My whole life used to be like that.  Nowadays I value routine predictability rather more highly.  If I don’t watch myself I can get disorientated and jumpy when my routines are disturbed, and I can get really ratty when something is not put back in its proper place.

At the moment I’m just getting over a minor fizz because the ballpen I keep on my desk has gone missing. It’ll never come back. Like a lost sock, once gone, a lost ballpen will never be found again.

“You’ve got a whole box of them in your drawer,” said Graham with absolutely no understanding whatsoever.

“I know that, and they are there because I don’t like them as much as the one that’s gone missing.”

“Why what was special about it?”

“It was special because it was always there. On my desk. Right by my hand.”

“Sometimes I think you live on a different planet.”

“Not different.  Just past.”


Like I say, I can get really ratty when something isn’t put back in its proper place.



10 responses to “Lost and not found

  1. firstly!!

    Could the estate agent have it? (inadvertantly, of course)

  2. Possible, Marty, but if he has it I think he’ll return it. He’s that sort of bloke… 🙂

  3. I was thinking the same thing as Marty. 🙂 I understand favorite when it comes to pens though, and even pencils for me. Wil thought it was so funny when my pencil got down to about 3/4 inch and I was still using it.

  4. I hate that sort of thing John, it’s the mystery of it that I don’t like.

  5. I remember when Dolly used to hide her toys under the stove–could she have been up and pushed it off behind the desk?

  6. I am suspecting more and more that we all are more alike than not. I’ll spend more time trying to find a pet pen than it’s worth would merit. Likewise, having to have some household assistance here lately, I go wild when I get out to MY kitchen only to find someone has misplaced something or, worse, REARRANGED things. It’s petty, won’t matter a tick of the closk, but it does cause gnashing teeth!

  7. Yes, I agree about pet pens. I found a kind I liked and bought a case of 30. On my teacher’s discount, they were less than 50 cents, U.S. I’ve been free with them and may have 5 left, 2 years later. But they still feel good in my hand and write smoothly, – no hitches and skips. Perhaps it’s time to splurge again, so’s I’ll never run out, heheheh.

  8. That’s 50 cents each…goofy grin.

    Happened to skip back to July ’98 and read about Dolly prowling the house at night. It’s no wonder you haven’t had burglers!

    Happy Trails,
    ~ Sil

  9. I know exactly how you feel, when your attached
    to a favorite pen…
    I had a wonderful pen, wrote smoothly, and fit my hand just perfect.
    Last week whilst I was working as an apartment leasing agent, the prospect resident, signed her lease, and then confiscated my pen…..and NO offer to return it.
    Just wait until she has a need for maintenace !

  10. I have misplaced my favourite pen. Well, a special pen. It normally resides in the pen pocket of my Cub leader uniform shirt, but it’s AWOL. What a terrible feeling.

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