I found my pen!

Somehow, who knows, it had found its way on to Graham’s desk!


12 responses to “I found my pen!

  1. You might want to have a chat with those little dancing-in-a-ring folks you have in the garden. That Mr. Rusty fellow – despite having no arms – could very well have masterminded the caper, using the fellowship of the ring to do the deed.

  2. It seems like no matter how many boxes of pens I buy, they always seem to slowly disappear. I don’t every throw them away..they just seem to vanish into some “portal to nowhere” in my room. The same thing happens with socks. I’m glad you found your pen, though.

  3. Wow. What IS that pen, John? I covet.

  4. I let out a little ‘yay’ which I hope no one in here heard, lol.

  5. It’s a nice, heavy but just the right weight pen bought at the Science Museum in South Kensington. There’s a set of tiny LEDs in the handle that make it glow different rainbow colours when in use but the battery died a couple of years back.

  6. rainbow? useful in the dark, right?

  7. I do hope the next resident like house brownies.

  8. Ah ha! the plot thickens!My stuff moves around the house with no one admitting to it!The worst thing that goes walkabout in this house are batteries.It doesn’t matter how many I buy there are never any left for me when I need them.

  9. I’m so glad that pen came back to you, John. It looks like an extremely nice one. Not your regular twofer throw-away.

  10. That’s a dandy, for sure. Probably takes a hearing-aid battery, I’ll guess. I’ve some extras if you want them. They light my laser pointer and keyring flashlight. Seem to last forever…lol.

    Hugs from the far side,
    ~ Sil

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