Sunday April 13, 2008

Yet another house on the close has come up for sale.  That makes three ‘competitors’ within sight;  happily they are all priced considerably higher than ours and so act as added incentive.  It’s funny the straws that get grasped when you really, really want to sell a house.

It looks as if we’re doing another heads-down weekend.  We did no more yesterday than a little domestic shopping and today, though Graham had mentioned a desire to go garden centering, he has his ‘I shall not be moved’ head on, and shows no inclination to go out adventuring.

I’ve carried out an intensive study of the property market here in Bridgwater.  We seem to be very well positioned in our (new) price bracket and, once someone comes a’looking with access to funds, we ought to be snapped up fast.  Many of the properties coming on to the market in our target areas are sensibly priced and, just as important, vacant.  When it does happen, it’ll happen fast.

It’s an odd position, being poised to move at the drop of a hat and yet not really expecting to do so.


8 responses to “Limbo

  1. Must be a slow day if I’m first .. 😉

    That does sounds encouraging, John. We’ve only sold one house but, when it finally happened, it was fast as well. Faster than we anticipated: we hadn’t found our new one and had to do some whirlwind shopping. It certainly clears the head, that does.

  2. It’s Sunday, Gord – everyone is still sleeping. (‘cept us, of course). ha!

    John – it’s a good day to stay home and do nothing but watch movies, read, or take a nap. 😉

  3. fingers crossed, John, but we could also try a little voodoo on your behalf if you wish

  4. Here’s sending yo u all the positive vibes I can muster, John. Quick sale, quick closing and an easy move!

  5. Well John at least you have the plus of not living here where no one will lend money for houses.

  6. I’m also for the voodoo thing, which Gary suggested. 🙂 So if you wish, John, we’ll just do it and we’ll do our best!

  7. “Do do that voodoo
    that you do so well…”


    Starting on the 17th if you please!

  8. Well, I don’t know a lot about voodoo but I’m great with mojo. Which is comin’ atcha, strong and clear, John. Just help yourself to whatever you need.

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