Two pork sausage rolls, known in some parts as ‘pig in a blanket’, drizzled with a little savoury brown sauce;  One Kiwi fruit, sliced, au naturel;  One 250ml glass of pure fresh-squeezed apple juice, unsweetened.


12 responses to “Breakfast

  1. Oh thank you, John, for the lovely English spring breakfast! Seems to me a very good way to start a day, Just wondering though whether the sausage rolls are cold or warm…

    Cold, Brigitte. They were fresh-baked from Sainsbury’s no more than an hour before.

  2. Interesting to hear the use of “pig in a blanket.” Here in Lincolnshire I’ve found people tend to refer to sausages wrapped in bacon as “pigs in blankets.” But they have all sorts of funny words and sayings here!

  3. Excellent presentation, worthy of a culinary instatute graduate.

  4. Beautifully presented, especially for those of us who read while contemplating our own.

  5. Those are some fancy-looking pigs in blankets. Definitely an amazing breakfast.

  6. I’ll take the kiwi and juice, thank you. 😉

  7. No napkins? Knife & Fork Backwards

  8. That’s a hangover brekkie if ever I saw one. NamNam.

  9. We are settling back into life again here after the death of our friend. Sorry I have been the worst of your noters, dear John. I’ve been here everyday tho. And I LOVE the look of that breakfast. We used to be able to find sausage rolls at the bakery down the street, but not now. I miss them….with a slice or two of avacado on their crispy crust.

  10. Albert beat me to it .Are you left handed,John?

  11. Scrummy!

  12. Yup. I’m a leftie! Well, actually, I’m sorta ambi. It’s never bothered me, though!

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