I’d rather be fat

Tuesday April 15, 2008

I got the official, fanfare of trumpets, ‘clinically obese’ message from the doctor yesterday morning, along with appropriate lectures.  He took extensive bloods, and has booked me in for a full chest x-ray, both of them ‘just in case something internal is causing your problems’.

Which is all very well, and I’m grateful.  However, I have to acknowledge that from here on out it’s largely up to me.  I need to embark on an extended, no-excuses, programme of fitness and weight control.  I need to do some extensive research, and then I’ll set a start date, just like you do for giving up smoking.

I successfully gave up smoking.  Let’s see if I can do the same for obesity.

Whatever the programme, I’ll give it a year.  If I’ve not beat the thing by the end of a year of diet and exercise control I shall abandon the whole affair and settle back for a nice, comfortable and chubby retirement, large glass of wine and dish of nibbles at my elbow.  And learn how to let in those cute triangles at the back-seam of my trousers that defiant old guys used to flaunt in days gone by.

There’s no way I’m going to subject myself to an endless sequence of ever-more potent drugs and treatments.  I’d rather be fat. 


15 responses to “I’d rather be fat

  1. Old guys on the continent like my father also made use of these “cute triangles” at the back-seam of the trousers… I always thought them as extremely un-sexy! 🙂

  2. Somehow I can’t see Graham letting you away with cute triangles John. Please stop using that awful ‘b’ word for a start! Not making light of the situation, but cuddly is a much nicer term, isn’t it? I use rubenesque personally, lol. I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself, this last year had ‘comfort eating’ written all over it. You will make short work of getting back to your exercise and cutting back some of the cuddliness, I know you will 🙂

  3. oh, it’s an ‘o’ word rather than a ‘b’ word isn’t it, the joy of mild dyslexia! You got me anyway, no doubt 😉

  4. I’m fairly sure that Pooh had a song for such an occasion. Just as well I’m not there to sing it for you as beginning your program with a run for the hills might be a bit much. 🙂

  5. John, the big question is how is the rest of your health? Heart OK? Other internal organs? Diabetes? Settling back in the comfy chair might not be an option.

  6. Rumpole used to say:
    “there is no habit worth giving up for an extra six months in a nursing home”,
    so, you know, why give up on the sausages and wine just to live an extra few weeks?
    Well, anyway….

  7. I have discovered that over eating and lack of exercise have caused my extra 20#. May have to give up a few of those well planned sandwich outings you write about. (lol) I personally think life is too short to worry about a few extra inches about the waist.

  8. After a certain point in time, I think it’s okay to thumb your nose at doctors and dicta and do/eat what you want. Gary’s absolutely correct. I’d far rather go with a flourish enjoying what’s left to the hilt than the nursing home alternative. So there! In short, if I want to have steak and egg, I will and forget the cholesterol. But then, I’m 84.

  9. I keep searching for that”Middle Way,” even though my middle is now slightly over a meter around. Just have to learn to stop munching before I’m full, I guess…and drink more water.

  10. Nope, I can’t see Graham enjoying fat or triangles. Both G and I have let ourselves go while caring for our friend Duck. We are back on a modified Weight Watchers….no more cake. We are officially Mr. and Mrs. Roundy again.

  11. Well, the important thing is not to let the situation be a source of stress.

    Small steps and changes here and there will do it… but nothing rigid. Portion control, more fruits & veggies, drink more water, and starting small, take walks if you enjoy them. Mostly keep the enjoyment in your life. I am a somewhat “cuddily” diabetic, and I speak from experience. Good luck, John.

  12. Ah well, clinically obese is mostly a matter of body mass index anyway. I am joining you in your reformed diet. I did NOT buy chips and goodies when I shopped last week, and I loaded up on fresh fruit this a.m. for work. When the back starts to hurt after a short walk, you know it’s time to reduce the front part that the back supports. Unlike S. Le., I have a lot more than 20# to lose. So, John, it looks like you will have plenty of company, and misery just loves that, eh?

  13. Good luck, John. I think you have the right of it.
    Try it for a year and then sit back and enjoy the good food and wine.

  14. That’s a nice, well-balanced set of comments, friends, thanks! I’m a Rumpole friend myself but I’d not heard that particular Rumpolism, Gary, so thanks for it — the jocund old guy was always right enough for me.

    I’m still thinking hard about it all and will journal my conclusions and progress, if any, as and when… 😀

  15. I’m in the same position John, not looking forward to the warmer weather when I can’t hide my bulk behind fleeces! Off to Weight Watchers next week.

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