I’m getting twitchy

Wednesday April 16, 2008

Yesterday, to the garden centre for artificial flowers of the spring/summer variety–still house dressing.  Today we have a second viewer coming from the old agent, on the last day of his agency.  There’s very little hope of a deal from it, and the previous one was no more than carpet-treading.  I shall be glad to see the sign come down to be replaced with that of the new agent.

I had news today that one of the best-known agents from our old part of Wales is closing branches in our target area and there’s a rumour here in Bridgwater that one of our local agencies is going into receivership.  It’s hard to feel much sympathy for estate agents, leastways, not British ones.  The flourish and profit in boom times but, like the grasshopper, do not put stores up for the lean.  Or even change their working methods.

In a business like estate agency a change of approach to doing business is needed.  Instead of stacking the books high with hapless no-hope sales prospects and running yourself ragged trying to keep up with them, it’s a much better plan to be selective and to concentrate on the accounts that have a good chance of going through to a happy conclusion.  Be honest with the others.  Tell ’em straight that, in today’s market, over-priced, dingy houses are not going to sell.

Well, we’ve done what we can.  We’ve chopped our asking price down to a truly competitive level, and changed to an agent with better terms and what seems to be a more energetic and sensible approach to the job.  Now we wait.

Sunny dining room

Most days the sun has been streaming into the house, providing a stage we can’t beat no matter how careful we are with lighting and flowers.

Art materials, waiting

Me I’m beginning to turn my eye and thoughts to other things. Visits to the doctor divert me, of course, but not much, and not for long. When sitting in the waiting-room the other day my head started filling with nice, colourful images, oil on canvas. I’m getting twitchy for it.


13 responses to “I’m getting twitchy

  1. Sounds like a lovely plan. We shall eagerly await the product, should you choose to share it 🙂


  2. Your house looks so good, it’s just the problem of somebody coming along who is able to get the money side sorted out. But if they can get the money and they have a choice of houses, then yours must surely come near the top of the list.

  3. Oh John – I still love that dining table. {{{drool}}}

  4. Hello John and everyone, I lurk and don’t often post. Did anyone happen to catch the 2007 date on the entry? Gave me a bit of a start….. 🙂

  5. 2007??? Wow. Perhaps we’re all together in a time warp! 🙂

  6. I’d buy that place in an instant!

  7. Ooops! 2007 it was, 2008 it is now… just goes to demonstrate that I type that line in anew every day!

    Thanks for the kind remarks on the house. Today’s viewer liked it but is even less able to proceed than we’d been informed. That’s the last from the current estate agent.

  8. That dining room is gorgeous, John. Wow.

  9. Lovely dining room. And here pen and ink tantalize.

  10. Perhaps the 2007 date was metaphoric, since it’s the last day of the old agent’s duties. And now on to the new and, we trust, more effective agent. And the deliciously pregnant-with-possibility oil pastels.

  11. Yes, indeed! Such an inviting dining room, with a large boost from the sun not hurting one bit. I can’t imagine how anyone with the proper funds could reject your place, John; immaculate, bright, welcoming and altogether desirable. Hurry and get busy with those paints, too!

  12. Mary Lee, that’s exactly the words I didn’t find… hurry and get busy with those paints…. Yes, John! 🙂

  13. Oh yes – sorry, I was to busy drooling all over your table, John. Do get busy with those paints! 😉

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