Another mirror, quietly

Thursday April 17, 2008

The viewer came on time yesterday, loved the house and would have bought it if she’d sold her own place.  Graham took the viewing and told her that any future interest would have to be through the new agent.

The new agent delivered the ‘draft’ copies of the particulars for our approval.  I put ‘draft’ in quotes because he’s done an excellent job, and taken some great photographs.  I’d have been happy to just rubber stamp but Graham felt a couple of extra words were needed so I’ve passed them on via e-mail last night, and we’ll mail off the amended copy today.

So, we’re on our way once more.  I felt increasingly that the old agent had navigated himself, and us, into dead water, with very little hope of recovery.  The new guy seems to be on the ball.

 April is romping along.  Most days there’s a bit of stillness along with the sunshine and then you could kid yourself that summer has come.  The trees are full of leaf. At night, though, the temperature plummets and it feels crisp and frosty.  So far we’ve escaped the rain and sleet that’s been bothering other places.

It’s a strange time.  The world is busying itself with Spring, and I seem fastened upon Autumn, using Spring and Summer as no more than a period for joy, wine and the charging of energy stores.  Come Autumn, and the sere days of Winter, I hope to be in a different place, looking at a different town, gazing in another mirror, quietly.


And if I can’t speak about my love–
if I don’t talk about your hair, your lips, your eyes,
still your face that I keep within my heart,
the sound of your voice that I keep within my mind,
the days of September rising in my dreams,
give shape and colour to my words, my sentences,
whatever theme I touch, whatever thought I utter.

–C.P. Cavafy

11 responses to “Another mirror, quietly

  1. Good moves on the house front, indeed.

    Ah, but Cavafy, not to put too light a twist on it, I’ve got to say that he does hit the sweet spot. That’s a home run of a poem, for sure.

    Hugs from Asia,
    ~ Sil in Corea

  2. Good luck with the new agent.

  3. yes, good luck and good morning

  4. I clicked for a random entry and was transported to Monday, Feb 2, 2004. Graham called you and told you that you had just sold your house for the full asking price.

    That was an omen!

  5. The new agent does sound encouraging, doesn’t it?

  6. I continue crossing my fingers… and whatever else may be crossed! 🙂 Good luck, John, good luck, Graham, good luck, Dolly!

  7. Speaking of poetry, if your final sentence in today’s entry isn’t poetry, then I’ve just gone daft. It struck me to my heart!Lovely line, John.

  8. I’m going to wish yesterday’s viewer a cash buyer for her place and PDQ.

  9. John for some reason I am not getting your notifies. Are they bouncing back to you?

    Answered in mail off-list… no problem with notifies this end but if anyone else is having trouble, please let me know. I think it may be time for me to consolidate the two notify lists and to generally sort out the history?

  10. I saw my first robins today. A small thing, I guess, but it heralds spring here.

    I hope you sell your house soon. We, too, are suffering from a very depressed housing market.

  11. I thought it was just me – didn’t get your notify for 3 days, but did today.

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