Mischief and meandering

Saturday April 19, 2008

To West Quantoxhead yesterday, picking up Graham from his morning’s preparation work as relief manager in the bars ready for the big weekend wedding fest, and thence to Taunton.

I discovered a way to harmlessly exercise an amusing bit of British eccentricity. When shopping in Tesco’s, if you choose to pay at the self-checkout, swipe your Sainsbury’s Nectar loyalty card instead of the Tesco’s Clubcard one. Purely by accident, of course. The effect on the computer is dramatic, knocking it out of action semi-permanently. You’ll need to re-check your shopping at another till, but for mischief’s sake, it’s a gratifying thing to do.

We’ve been joking that it would be amusing if, while Graham is away for the weekend, I should just happen to sell the house.  This is the first weekend with the new agent, so it’s possible, but when I look out of the window on our rainy, wind-swept, winter-cold close, I wonder.  One thing’s certain, if any viewers should turn up they’re not on a fun day out.  Viewing houses in the rain and cold isn’t something you do for fun.

So, Dolly and I are going to have a nice quiet weekend in the warm, with a modicum of snacking, and a great deal of napping.  I’ve decided that I shall be ready to go on the great two-year fast and fitness programme on my birthday or on our first ‘heat-wave’, which ever comes first.  I’ll be reasonably careful until then, but this is not the best weather for me to start nibbling on lettuce.


7 responses to “Mischief and meandering

  1. I reckon viewing houses in the rain and cold is necessary. If you like a place then, it must be OK for you.

    As for Tescos and their pos terminals, a fundamental design flaw, surely?

  2. I hate the cold.Jasper and I are in hibernation until the sun comes back.He has a head start on me as he is catnapping on my bed already.Definitely a day for snacks and watching D.V.D’s.

  3. I nearly always swear at the mechanical lady in Tesco. She’s too upbeat and snooty, and simperingly professional. If I had a nectar card I’d gladly swipe her good next time I saw her.

    I agree with your assessment on only decent buyers coming out in the rain. Fingers’n’toeses all crossed.

  4. A big smile is across my face picturing you nonchalantly walking away from the wrong card swipe. 🙂

  5. aw, lettuce is for bunnies, John, have some scones….

  6. When you arrive at your birthday, it will be a significant birthday for me. Yes, me. We are birthday mates except I’m younger. It will be hot as Hades in Texas long before then. But today, today, it is absolutely beautiful. I got to play tennis in the sunny cool and it made me very happy.

  7. That’s excellent, John! Sloppy programming, that.

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