I’m working on it

Sunday April 20, 2008

The big two-year hole in my journal here on WordPress has, without my wanting or willing it, turned into a bit of a hole in my life.  I’ve started plugging away hard at it once more–as the days lengthen my energy levels rise–and hope to be able to stick at it now until it’s done.  If I really plug away I can do a month in a day.  There are about 24 months left to do, so the arithmetic is clear.

I want to be shot of the task before the good weather really kicks in and makes me want to be out of doors rather more than of late.

I’m astonished to find how much my daily creative life is suffering by this work.  Instead of pulling away from the stream to nurture a poem or a picture today, I’m worriting at those I made four years back.  That’d suit some people.  It doesn’t suit me.

Not that yesterday would have in any case been much of a creative day.  Graham is away on the two-day wedding bash, so Dolly and I spent much of the time asleep.  It was cold and grey outside and she took to her chair by the kitchen radiator at about the same time as we departed on the outward leg of Graham’s round trip. She stayed there, firmly, until early evening.  Then she popped into the living room long enough to check on the new Doctor Who, decided that it wasn’t up to her exacting standard, and poddled off along the landing to take over a corner of the bed where she stayed until the small hours.

It was far too cold and wet for house viewings and, to my great relief, the phones stayed silent apart from the routine calls from Graham.  I learned to my horror that the agent is open today, Sunday, so I have whistled round to be sure that everything is clean and tidy, just in case.  Not that it was much of a job but like all housework, best done at a sensible pace rather than in a mother-in-law’s visit kind of haste.  I’m not really expecting any viewings today.  If there is to be a flurry of interest it’ll be during the coming week and, possibly, the next one.  If no sale emerges by then, we’ll settle in for the long wait.  The house will sell.  Houses always sell.  The trick to surviving the wait is patience and a quiet mind.  I working on both.


9 responses to “I’m working on it

  1. Good luck with the sale, John!

    We have finally decided to put my parent’s flat up for sale – somewhat hurriedly as we’ve seen a bungalow we fancy (it’s OK – I know we’re unlikely to sell both flat and house in time to buy it 😉 ). Meeting agents on Tuesday and Friday evenings, and another day to be arranged.

    Meanwhile the decluttering at home carries on… It’ll be a long job! Thank goodness I’m gradually coming out of my winter torpor.

    Best wishes from rather dim, grey and dismal Liverpool

    Best of luck with it all, Maggie!

  2. Hi John, I haven’t journaled or read journals in over a year… due to Mama’s illness. But I have missed it. So just wanted to let you know that I’m back. I started a new web site yesterday. If you get a chance, please visit. I’d love to hear from you. And good luck with the house sale! I know I’ve been out of the loop, but do you know where you and Graham plan to move?

  3. “I learned to my horror that the agent is open today, Sunday”…

    You made me laugh out loud on that one, John! 🙂

  4. It is constant work to keep a home super neat when you have it listed with an agent. We’ve done it several times. Now we are so settled in, there are days that I don’t make the bed up. And a few dishes in the sink are a common thing.

    Good luck with a quick sale.

  5. You will make it John. 🙂

  6. Not to add a negative tinge to this good work, John, but do make sure you’re regularly taking backups from the WordPress.com control panel.. I’d really hate to hear WordPress.com screwed up and lost your data!

    I think I’ve commented on this before, so sorry if it’s getting annoying 😉

    I’m grateful for the concern, Peter, and a reminder now and then does no harm at all. I do the wordpress.com backup once a week, just before my hard disk copies get backed up to an external hard drive. Not fire-proof, but then it’s only a journal!

  7. Is the definition of “worriting” worry writing ?

    It could be, Ann, but it’s more of a country dialect word, meaning to worry and puzzle.

  8. re: Peter—“annoyiting”?

  9. You know how you don’t miss something until you KNOW it’s missing? I read this and thought “you mean he doesn’t have all his archives here? Hrrump! But then I never look through them, thoroughly satisfied to read John today or John for a few days I’ve missed.

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