A damp wedding dress

Monday April 21, 2008

For a short time yesterday afternoon it was lovely and sunny and dry.  So I let Dolly into the garden to take advantage.  Perverse bloomin’ cat decided to shun the sun, and the dry, and to sit in the shade on the dampest patch of grass she could find.  With her back to me.  Off I toddled to fetch the camera, at which point she shook herself and dashed back into the house to hide.

We got back home in good order yesterday evening.  Leastways, I thought we were in good order.

“I seem to have forgotten my reading spectacles,” Graham said, all glum and miserable.

“Come on, then, let’s go back and fetch ’em.”

“We can’t do that.”

“Ok.  Tomorrow, then?”


“Don’t be sorry.  Make coffee.  Two days without espresso is a cruel and unnatural punishment.”

We were a little disappointed not to have had a house viewer over the weekend. Only pretending of course. There may be one or two this week and next, but I’m not really expecting it.  There was a tale in the news this morning of a lady who’d reduced the asking price on her house from £320k to £238k and still has no takers.  It’s likely there’s more to the story than we were told but there’s no doubt these are tough times.

We’re safe here in our little brick house of course.  No mortgage.  No loans or other debts.  Secure income, with some headroom for savings.  Little bit of cash in hand.

We’ll not give up on the house sale.  The board is up, there’s a weekly advertisement in the local paper, and we’re on the UK’s largest property website.  Even so, I’m not holding my breath and shall adapt my thinking to see the thing through.  And when a sale does come along, we’ll get on to the job of moving house like greased weasels.

Meantime I shall concentrate on sorting out the black hole in the journal files and, when that’s done, work out a schedule of weekly trips for photography and sketching.  I don’t intend to waste any more time sitting around and waiting, forlorn as a wedding dress on a rainy day.

And Graham?  He’s thinking about it.


7 responses to “A damp wedding dress

  1. I think you have an excellent plan for handling the next few weeks… a bit of photography, a bit of sketching… enjoy a bit of spring warmth and sunshine.

  2. this is the season for house hunters, good thing you’re ready

  3. The way to get viewers is to let the cleaning slide. 🙂

    Your notify has a hole too. I didn’t get one for yesterday so I guess I shall just depend on my bookmarks. 🙂

  4. It is so good to be debt free. You are very fortunate. Hope you can sell soon though. I know how tiring it is keeping the flat all spiffed up, “just in case.”

    Two days without espresso IS a cruel and unnatural punishment.

  5. I like your plan. Especially the bit about getting out for some photographic sessions. I was actually hoping we’d have seen more of your surrounding neighborhood by now, Mr. B. Like that lovely little “canal” than runs behind you? Some nature photos maybe?

  6. Our house is languishing on the market. People love the house, but don’t want all the steps. We’re in a 4 story town house with 4 full baths and a powder room. We settle on our new house on June 12th and we’ll have a bridge loan. Yikes! We’ve lowered our price too.

    Good luck to you!!

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