Pretty pictures II

I just uploaded the photos and such from the November 2004 entries.  These clickable thumbs connect today with a 4-year-old yesterday:  [Note:  The last three seem to be a bit of a problem that’ll need sorting out when I get to the actual entries.]


3 responses to “Pretty pictures II

  1. Please tell me that’s the intersection of Threadneedle Street and Corpus Christi Lane?

    Could be, Gordo… the Threadneedle Street is in Boston, Lincolnshire. Can’t find Corpus Christi, and can’t remember it, and I can’t lay my hands to a map…

  2. I like your still lifes…, it’s quite appealing to me. And your paintings too!

  3. Who is that handsome man with glasses, standing next to a van???

    I love them all, John, especially ‘Misty’.

    Thanks, Kate! The bloke in the picture is a market trader, taken in Boston, Lincs.

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