Tuesday April 22, 2008

I’m quite proud of myself today.  At least, I think I am.  I sat down this morning and transferred the journal entries for the whole of November 2004 in one shortish session.  It took me about two hours and I managed to keep focussed almost to the end.  Two hours of concentrated focus is quite good going for me at the moment.

Come to think of it, that’s about as long as I allow myself between breaks on a long journey.

It’d be nice if I could manage to transfer a month’s worth of journal every day.  Not entirely practical, though.  Probably not desirable, either.  Hey ho.  I’ll get it done in my own good time.

Yesterday we popped over to West Quantoxhead to pick up Graham’s reading spectacles from the caravan, which he still holds.

It transpires that he’s been asked and has by default agreed to work again next weekend, this time doing the bars for the annual line-dancing fest.  It may be that he’ll carry on doing weekend work well into the season, possibly all of it.  I’d already worked this one out, so I’m neither surprised nor upset by it.  He’ll be away two nights a week.  I get the other five and, if I got suddenly lonely, I could always pop over for the night.   Should a miracle happen and the house sells, the whole deal will be off and we’ll hit the road to Wales.

I can’t really complain at that, can I?   Dolly probably will but then she has made a career of complaining.

Early this afternoon we have to go to Bridgwater, me for my chest x-ray, and Graham to pick up a parcel from the post office.  I’m sort of hoping that I’ll be able to persuade him afterwards that we should lunch at Subway’s rather than wait for me to knock something together back home.  I like Subway’s.



7 responses to “Focus

  1. A career of complaining! Ah Dolly, I feel with you! 🙂

  2. Got today’s notify in my rr. Of course yesterday’s wasn’t there yet. lol But see one out of two isn’t bad.

  3. I’m kind of put off by Subways, at least the one we have here.

    But – guess what? next month I’m getting to visit an IKEA!!! I hope they have breakfast at this one. It’s in Connecticut (’bout 2 hrs drive).

  4. Kate & Jim — I assume you are heading for the IKEA just off I-95 at New Haven. Wear comfortable shoes — the place is huge! Food is good… and inexpensive. Was not there in the morning so I don’t know for sure about breakfast, but I assume it is a standard feature.

  5. chest x-ray? hope you’re alright!

  6. Yes, there are some stunning pictures there. Subways Chocolate Chip Cookies are well worth the time. Addictive. Mrs. Roundy says.

  7. Yes, Jim – it’s the Ikea in New Haven. My cousin lives in West Haven and we thought we’d toodle over, since it’s only a couple of miles from her house. John has been talking them up so much that I just have to try it, since we’ll be in that neck of the woods anyway.

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