Pretty pictures III

These are the pictures I used in journal entries in December 2004.  Almost all of them are pencam shots, proving that even primitive cameras can produce fun photographs.


6 responses to “Pretty pictures III

  1. What a lovely assortment of photos, tiny moments captured. What is that silly purple bird thingy? It made me laugh. The scene on the right, third down has a wonderful sky. I can see it in a landscape quilt with the tree emphasizing the vastness. Love it.

  2. Morning John……..Oh, yes, I miss your doodles and pen cam shots. I wish you would reinstate whimsey. Youse three have a great day now.

  3. I’m such a sucker for sunsets. The rest of the collection is fabulous, too.

  4. hey, we know that cat!

  5. All those foggy shots look suspiciously like what I’m seeing out my workplace window at the moment. Hopefully a thunderstorm will blow through soon and there’ll be some nice rainbows like the double in your shot.

  6. It is fun to see a series of photographs all in one place. You might find this tool interesting for this purpose

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