Pretty pictures IV

These are clickable thumbs for the pictures I used in journal entries during January 2005:


6 responses to “Pretty pictures IV

  1. Beautiful watercolors!

  2. The doodles were my absolute favourite. I miss them.

  3. Thanks! I’ll try a few doodles, Peter, and see how I go. I miss them, too.

  4. Shirley, in PA

    I love your watercolors too. And the sketches are great. Glad you’re planning more of them.

  5. The house in the snow…ahhh

  6. I’ll never forget, late in’06 finally getting free time enough to sit down and catch up with the few internet journals I loved to read back when I had more time. Yours was the first. And when I got to January ’05 I cried… your writing (and assorted other creative forms) invite one into your life, and I’d gladly joined you, however vicariously, through it all. Harry Cat was a dear part of that journey. Now I keep up daily, and enjoy reading you, as always.

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