Works for me

Saturday April 26, 2008

Having dropped Graham off at the holiday camp for line dance weekend, I drove home, stopping off at Sainsbury’s for my weekend provisions.  I was decidedly peckish when I’d loaded the bag into the car so, checking my coin purse, I was overcome with the urge for a mega-brunch breakfast:  sausage, egg, bacon, chips, beans, tomato, mushroom.  It is a good long time since I had such an indulgent breakfast so I didn’t feel too badly about it.  And paying for such things with coins isn’t like spending real money.

I could extend that metaphor by saying that something paid for with un-real money has fewer calories but I’m getting almost as droosy thinking about it as I did when my tummy started digesting the meal itself.

Dolly and I spent a goodly long siesta stretched out side by side on the bed.  It’s too warm still to sleep under the covers during the day, and I’ve pulled out all my spring/summer and early autumn short trousers out of the press, so my legs were only partially covered.

“Just as well you have your heat controlled by different means, Dolly,” I said.  “You’d look awful funny in short trousers.”

She hurrumphed, and pressed herself against my legs to share the chill.  There’s a quaint picture for you.  Not an easy one to draw, though.  I’ve not done figure studies of older gentlemen with large tummies before.  Can’t say I’ve ever sought visual familiarity with large tummies at all, actually.  I shall have to work on it.  I have my old art school anatomy books somewhere.

Today I have to do house sitting duty, and take the errant viewing from the old agent.  We’ve spoken to the new guy, seeking to assure him we’re not entirely happy about it, and are most certainly not trying to pull a fast one on him.  He agrees with Graham, though, saying that any sale in today’s market is worth a try.

So I shall take the task seriously and have the house aired and pleasant by 14:15, ready for viewing at 14:30.  It’s an escorted viewing, so I should be clear to cook my potato and bacon hash for lunch as soon as they’ve gone, and then take another siesta.  It’s a circular old world.

Yesterday evening I sat down with a large glass of wine and tackled the job of transferring journal files for January 2005.  The wine helped.  I got past the entry for the 9th that I’d been dreading, and then gave up for the day. This morning I started my labours by finishing off that month, and now I’m ready for February.

I seem to have been on a watercolour painting and sketching kick back then.  It’s odd, looking back on those pictures, to realise that I’m just about to go into another graphic arts exercise.  When the words fail you, paint pictures instead.  It’s always worked for me.


10 responses to “Works for me

  1. Not meaning to sound weird, but there’s just nothing nicer than cat fur on bear arms/legs. Frankly, I love when they come in when I’m getting dressed and wind around me, they’re silkiness never fails to surprise and delight me.

    Well done on getting through the tough one intact, I haven’t made it that far in the archives, I imagine I might need a large glass too.

    And good luck with the viewer, of course 🙂

  2. Lou:
    1) Oh, yes! And you can imagine the effect Dolly has!

    2) Thanks. Wine improves with age; the older I get the better it tastes.

    3) Ta! If it sells, I’ll be sure to let y’all know about it within minutes!

  3. I remember the day Harry Cat slipped, John. Brought a tear of sadness then, and a tear of remembrance now. God’s blessings, John.

  4. I have the pleasure of owning one of the watercolors from that period, when you sold some of them on eBay. That graphics arts aspect of that phase was delightful indeed.

  5. I was sorry to miss the ebay purchase. Guess I was concerned with cost or something.

    Your self drawing I doubt looks a thing like you. Tummy may be bigger but pregnant? lol

  6. Pshaw John, almost full term ? ? ?

    How nice it is when one can strip down a bit and feel the coolth as assuaging one’s winter’s shriveled cacase. Cheers John !

  7. I’ve followed the link back to that day in January, 2005. Harry was a handsome fellow, wasn’t he? I wasn’t reading here back then, but even now, I sympathize, no … empathize. I know what it feels like to lose a cat, or dog that I have loved dearly.

    Also, I love your paintings, doodling, and so on. Thanks for sharing (with a late comer, as well,)

  8. … I’ve just reread what I wrote. Losing them is more than losing a cat or a dog. They are so much more than that in our lives… I just wanted you to know that I realize that.

  9. Wendy – I am so envious! I am about to faint – (you OWN/HAVE/POSSESS a watercolor of Johns???)

  10. Dear John,

    Perhaps you’ve already seen this piece? In any case, I saw it & thought of you, guessing you’d like it:

    Best wishes to you!

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