A funny old day

Tuesday April 29, 2008

April seems intent on making up for lost time with the showers before handing the stage over to May.  Several times yesterday the skies opened without warning, deluging the town with heavy, vertical rain.  Today has been much the same but more so.

The first time, Dolly was out in the garden.  My goodness but she can shift when she’s a mind.  I was just about to heap praise on her when she turned round and swore at me, roundly, as if it was me turned the heavenly taps on.

“Oh, well, be like that, missus.  I was going to dry you off.  Now you can do it yourself.”

“Don’t be mean,” Graham said.  “Look at her.  She’s drenched.”

I relented of course, and pulled out a nice warm towel, all dry from the cupboard, and gave her a sound rub-down.  She didn’t swear at me again.

The agent didn’t call to tell us what their ‘buyers’ thought, of course and, when it’d gone past office hours, my resolve firmed. “I shall phone them tomorrow,” I said. “I don’t really care what the buyers said but I want my HIP report.  Cost me £441, did that, and I want to be able to pass it over to the new agent.”

“You’re right, of course.  Just don’t make them cry.”

“I promise.”

As it turned out I was busy at the doctor’s this morning, getting the result of my chest x-ray and my full-spectrum bloods tests.  Both were fine.  The x-ray is clear, and the consultant says my lungs and heart look to be in good order.  The bloods are good, too, well within healthy range.

“Well, you’ve got me beat,” the doctor said, giving my left breast another good squeeze; they do seem to love doing that, don’t they?  “There are definitely no lumps, and although it is very swollen, there’s nothing much about it.  How about if I send you to see a breast specialist surgeon?  You’ll be somewhat out-numbered by women in the waiting room but it’s the only way to be sure there’s nothing wrong.”

“I’ve been outnumbered all my life,” I said.  “It won’t worry me.  How long will it be before the appointment?”

“It’s not an emergency so it’ll not be a ten-day job.  [Reader’s note:  The NHS aims to get cancer patients onto the table within ten days of initial referral.]  More like two months, I’d say.”

“What do you think will be the outcome?”

“Oh, most likely he’ll prod and poke and then tell you just what I’ve told you.  You have an enlarged breast.  The difference is he’ll be able to offer you surgery if you want it, to restore your figure.”

“Oh, I’ll take advice but I think I’ll give that a miss.  Wouldn’t know what to do with my figure if I did get it back.”

And so that was it.  Nothing urgently amiss, and all else seems to be in stonking good order.  I’m a lucky fella.

I called into the supermarket on my way home, dodging between the showers.  Back at the house I found Graham in full house-cleaning mode.  The first viewer from our new agent has asked to see the place at six this evening [Tuesday] when he finishes work.  He’s a cash buyer, and is presently between houses, lodging in a local hotel.

I phoned the old agent, got the same old run around to explain the absence of their feed-back, and demanded my HIP report to pass on to the new guys.  It seems the putative buyer thought the house was too much over-looked at the rear, and that the garage was too far away.  Hey ho.

We’re becoming more and more impressed with the new guy.  He can’t conjure a buyer out of thin air, of course, and he’s working into a fiendishly difficult market;  even so, he keeps his promises, and seems intent on finding us a buyer if there are any around.  He made an excellent job of the Rightmove web page, though, and that can’t hurt our project.

So there you go.  A funny old day.  I seem to specialise in funny old days just now.


14 responses to “A funny old day

  1. Well! I’m enormously glad the doc visit had good news, especially in light of the swollen booby. I didn’t realize that had been the worry, John. And, oh my, what a difference between the two house agents, eh? I’m confident that will soon be good news, too. Really. I insist on it. (smile)

  2. Glad to hear that you’re healthy and well John. I look forward to reading that your house has been sold soon 🙂

  3. Yes, it’s really good to hear, John, that you’re okay and well! 😉 Congratulations! And thanks for funny old days you kindly share with us… But this new feature, “possibly related posts”, that’s fun and nice. Clicked on “any old day”, and aside from the fact that I remembered it, it’s really a good and fun complement.

  4. I like the ‘possibly related posts’, too! But please be aware that these links are generated automatically by the wordpress.com software and not by me. They can and sometimes do lead you off to places you may not enjoy visiting.

    I think it’s reasonably innocent but please let me know if you get trapped/caught; I can turn the feature off but have no control over where it may take you… 😉

  5. On the health front I have to say that I feel good and am not aware of any significant problems other than the osteo-arthritis and the long-standing ‘wonky heart’ thing. My own take is that, barring accidents, I have every expectation of celebrating my 80th birthday in eleven years time. I’m going to have a darned good go at my 90th, too. And if I make the 100th then I’ll like as not have the longest continuous running blog on the internet!

  6. “somewhat out-numbered by women in the waiting room”

    A few years ago I had gone through one of those health screening things (check flexibility, body mass index, simple bone density scan on a heel, etc.) and the bone results raised a flag for my doctor, who decided to send me for a full bone density scan. Those scans are done in The Women’s Center at our local hospital — so there I am, the only male in the waiting room — reminded me of those days of single gender dormitories, kept expecting cries of “Man in hall! Man in hall!”

    (Yes, I did some slight bone density problem and my doctor told me to consume more dairy products and take a calcium suplement.)

  7. p.s.

    John, you said “And if I make the 100th then I’ll like as not have the longest continuous running blog on the internet!”

    Need to set that statement to the music from “Guys & Dolls” — you know, “the oldest established permanent floating crap game in New York”

  8. Oh this will be great when you make the 100th and have the longest continuous running blog. Love this thought! And if you don’t mind i’d like to be your reader then too! 🙂

  9. OK let’s mark the date for the 100th! Do you suppose I will be able to join you?

    Thanks for the trip through your home again. Do you hire out as a maid? 🙂

  10. Oh yes, we’d all like to still be reading on your 100th! 🙂

  11. Oh – I forgot to ask – what’s this ‘possibly related post’ ??? I don’t see it here (and I went back and looked twice) but I did see it on Lou’s.

  12. Yes, health stuff all tick, tick–glad to read it. But then, “cash buyer” and “presently between houses” jumped right off the screen and had me grinning and crossing digits all over, although it’s now well past the viewing time. It would be wonderful if he were the one.

  13. The Rightmove web page is a delight. He did an excellent job of highlighting your home. I’d really not realized what a cozy place you have. It is most attractive.

    Is the housing market in the UK as bad as it is in the states?

  14. At the moment the UK housing market is entering a frozen state. There are some who think we’re teetering on the edge of a major decline in prices, which will bring total chaos; out of that will come sweetness — it’s just a matter of being patient and sitting it out.

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