Shirts, cabbages, and achy breaky legs

Friday May 2, 2008

It transpired that our latest viewers couldn’t see themselves living in our house after all.  Sad for us, but the speed and dedication of the new agent’s follow-up was encouraging after the last lot.

So our first point of call was to the office of the ex-agent, to pick up the paper copy of the Home Information Pack they’d promised to mail to us two weeks back.  While there they promised to email me a copy, too, so’s I could more easily pass it on to our present agent.

“I shall not hold my breath waiting for that to happen,” I said to Graham when we’d got out of the office and beyond earshot of the two poor sad souls in attendance.

“No.  Let them rest in peace.  We’re well shot of them.”

“Fine by me.  Where to now?”

“Street.  At last.”

Actually, although we refer to our destination as ‘Street’ it is in fact the ‘Clark Village’ we visit–a large site filled with ‘factory shops’, being outlets for major retailers, selling their seconds and sale goods.

It was cold and wet so I kept my camera safely in my bag in spite of my earlier intent to take a few candid shots of ardent shoppers.  Actually, being rather more honest, I simply wasn’t in the mood.  My legs had taken on a “let’s give the auld bugger a bit of gyp” attitude to life.  There’s no arguing with them when they do that and, though you can ignore them for a while, once round Bridgwater and a pass round the Clark Village is a tad over my limit on a bad day.

I found two decent cotton twill shirts, though, so the main target of my day was achieved.

Dinner was a yum, yum, pig’s bum, cabbage and potatoes affair and we shoved our plates back, empty and polished, with simultaneous sighs of satisfaction.

“Might not be a posh meal, but it’s a close second to my absolute favourite,” Graham said, patting his full tummy.

“Oh?  What’s your favourite, then?” I asked, as if I didn’t know.

“Corned beef hash.”

“Fair enough.  I’ll see if I can’t manage one of those when you get back home on Saturday or Sunday, then.”

“It’s a date.”

And so, not long after, to bed, to dream of the time when my legs could dance better than Billy Ray Cyrus.  I can still sing better.




9 responses to “Shirts, cabbages, and achy breaky legs

  1. Sorry to hear about the sore leggys, hope they aren’t acting up today. Funnily enough, Benny’s favourite dinner is the same as Grahams!

  2. Much improved today, Lou, ta! I don’t have to do much walking so the improvement should maintain and continue.

    Funny about that hash, ennit!

  3. Hoping for further improvement of your aching legs too! And sorry about the non-buyers, but wondering why they can’t see themselves living in your house. Funny way of saying that they don’t like it. Anyway, have a good May-day! 🙂

  4. For some reason you tube would not play, could be the antivirus running at the moment wasn’t in the mood to allow much else.

    Glad you got the shirts and I hear the leg thing. I’ve got one this morning screaming at me.

  5. Gary and John, what’s pig’s bum in plain English? Ham?

  6. Yup, Brigitte — Ham! Or bacon if you prefer. A small ham steak for each person, sprinkled with grated Gruyere and topped with a pineapple ring, seasoned with a teensy dusting of paprika; a good drenching of olive oil over all, and cooked on a tray in a hot oven for thirty minutes. Served with boiled cabbage, and mashed potatoes. Juicy!

  7. oh my! You made my mouth water, John. Now I’ve got to go fix something nummy or I’ll have an achey breaky tummy. (smile) Glad your legs are better today. We can’t have them giving you trubbles.

  8. Hey! All this talk about yummy food is not fair. We are still on Paul low-iodine diet before he has his thyroid uptake scan in about another week or 10 days. It’s beeh h-e-double-hockey-stick being on this diet with no fun stuff. I wish I had a beam-me-up-scotty contraption here – I’d be over at your place for dinner! And I CAN SEE MYSELF joining you for dinner in that house!

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