Pretty pictures VI

I’ve been romping through the journal files for May 2005, and have just started out on June.  Can’t for the life of me find a reason for my sudden burst of industry.  Ho hum.  Here are the clickable thumbs for June 2005:


7 responses to “Pretty pictures VI

  1. Shirley, in PA

    Love the shot of Dolly. You can read her eyes, and she’s saying get that camera out of my face. 🙂 Your watercolors are lovely.

  2. I have to agree w/ Shirley – HM Dolly is looking quite lovely there. I also do like the shot of you standing on the boardwalk in front of the amusement park.

  3. Dolly!!!!!!!! And you did some china painting there?????

  4. John,

    I left a message concerning the earlier May 4 entry, but it did not show. I then repeated it, and again it vanished.

    For some reason the Akismet anti-spam software has you marked as a spammer, James. I unblocked the entries. Concerning the minor anomalies I omitted from my summary of the UK framework, yes, lots of them. After all that history there are bound to be oddities!

  5. Pen and watercolour wash on ‘pebbles’, Gary, varnished over with watercolour varnish. I did do a bit of china painting years back but seem to have lost all evidence.

    The ‘pebbles’ are actually resin/ceramic blank fridge magnets–great fun!

  6. I recognise some of those fridge magnets!!! They’re on my fridge door!

  7. I absolutely adore the left most on the second from the top row. It is setting just to the left of my moniter so I see it all the time.

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