A power of good

Wednesday May 7, 2008

Graham is dug in to his commitment to keep the bar for trannie week.  “They’ll all be gone on Monday,” he says.  If it was me I’d be counting the days but he doesn’t do things like that.

I’m more or less adjusted to another few days at home alone with a disgruntled Mega-cat.  I could go out for a drive but with petrol running up to £1.20p a litre I’m disinclined to use the car any more than strictly necessary.  The electricity and gas bills that came in yesterday are helping me to think economy, too.

Dolly, of course and quite rightly, too, floats along in a furry cloud of immunity.  It’s hot?  No matter, stretch out and go back to sleep.  It’s cold?  No matter, curl up tight and do the same.

I have fixed my appointment with the breast surgeon in Weston Super-Mare (I’m afraid I’ve already started calling him the seaside tits man) for consultation (what I call a poke and prod) on May 21.  For a ‘routine’ job that’s a gratifyingly fast response.  I shall be pleased when this is done and dusted.  My G.P. seems competent enough, and tells me there’s nothing to worry about, but there’s something ultimately reassuring about being given the message direct from the guy who’s going to have to wield the knife if surgery is necessary.

I’m wanting a bit of a holiday, or at least a short break from routine.  I’ve been day-dreaming about the Norfolk Broads but it’s a long way.  More immediately available to me is to shoot off with Dolly to bed down with Graham in the caravan tomorrow or the day after until he’s done for the week.  I shall put it to him when we speak later today.  Just a little break on the cliff-tops, listening to the sound of the sea.  Do me a power of good, that would.


16 responses to “A power of good

  1. Those trannies seem to have a lot of weeks off!

    Funny, really. We want to go to Cornwall or Devon for a week but feel it’s too far to go without serious planning.. and you’re on its doorstep, and are thinking about coming up here 😉

    It’s a long-ish drive, Peter. It took me around five hours door-to-door, Stickford to West Quantoxhead. Nice when you get to (Cornwall), though. Devon is a bit close to hand for me to say nice or not nice. Do be sure to book ahead for hotels, etc — the stay-home holiday makers are making things crowded in the West Country this year.

  2. Perhaps you and Graham should do a house swap with Peter!

    Heh! We’re just a little far from the delights of Devon and Cornwall for a comfortable day-trip, Maureen, and Peter’s place is even further from the Norfolk Broads! Nice thought, though.

  3. John, your perspective is a wonderful thing. Thank you.

    Takes one to know one, Wendy 😀

  4. Yes. Petrol is VERY expensive here in the States as well!

    Best to you visiting the doctor. Hoping all is well.

  5. Best of luck with that visit to “seaside tits man’ and I remember the slight anxiety I felt one year until a biopsy was done. Yeah I’ll bet it was slight. 🙂

    btw why the name seaside?

    Seaside holiday resort, Bonnie. Naughty postcards with large-busted ladies and such… ;D

  6. My soul, John, your petrol is expensive! We are at 1,790 won/litre which is about the same as 90 pence/liter. How’s the North Sea oil doing? I thought the UK had domestic production.

    We import all our oil from Indonesia; the South Korean government has a contract with them. The price has gone up about 20 pence in the last 2 years.

  7. Andrew Duffin

    Sil, petrol in the UK is about 35 pence a litre.

    The rest is tax.

  8. I checked just now at Sainsbury’s… £1.095 a litre. Andrew’s right–the majority of the price at the pump is tax. Makes no difference to the ordinary motorist, though–it’s what you pay that counts!

  9. Holy cow! If I did the math right, your gas price translates to almost $9 per gallon. Wouldn’t be driving much of anywhere at that price either, and it makes the $3.38 I paid last week seem positively cheap.

  10. Yes, go spend time with Graham. Molly would love that too. You only live once.

  11. Seaside trip, go, now, seaside, be gone… and bring that camera!!

    That petrol is very expensive, the only thing I can say about it is that if you’re in a 1.2 litre, which I think your Feista is, a 45 minute (180km) there and back journey is going to cost in the region of £20 – which although pricey, well, you could go for a cheaper this and that in the weekly shop and make the extra up some way, n’est pas? The thing I’m saying is that I had the same fret about the petrol, it’s gone up here too, then I decided I was going to totally alter my perspective on it and call it ‘day out money’ instead, it made it easier to swallow for me 🙂

  12. Kirsten – we’re up to $3.82 here. Mid-Hudson area in NY.

    Lou sure has her pennies down to a science, doesn’t she! lol! 🙂

  13. 3.59 here in our part of the midwest. John, I vote for a few days at the seacoast with Graham too.
    Good luck with your appt. too.

  14. Anyone who wants to know the petrol price in Austria? Okay, it’s € 1,20 per litre at the moment.

  15. Umm, € 1,20 converts to £0.94, so you have it cheaper in Austria, Brigitte!

    Lou — it’s a 1.4 Fiesta but your sums are right given my gentle style of driving. Though I do have to factor in the extra for running the aircon!

    All: I put it to Graham in the early hours this morning. He said no. It might be possible a little later in the year. Too many transvestites there just now. 😦

  16. Andrew Duffin

    People, don’t forget British gallons are bigger than American ones (our pints are 20 fl oz against your 16 – don’t you actually love the imperial measurement system?*). But only a bit, and it doesn’t make up the difference, not by a long shot.

    * No that’s not sarcasm. Down with Napoleon and his simplistic powers of ten, I say.

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