Pretty pictures VIII

I have finished uploading the journal files for July 2005 and am now working on the August ones.  I’m still not expert with the WordPress gallery so please forgive any duplication/anomalies.  That said, these are the pictures for August:


One response to “Pretty pictures VIII

  1. John–I followed the old images back to the July entries and again need to tell you how moved and impressed I am all over again by your honesty, your spare words & breadth of sensibility on both the intimate and larger narratives. . . You’s good! And being of a certain age/memory and attention span, your old entries are new again–(like hiding my own Easter eggs, but then, that’s not so bad sometimes. . .) Thanks for all your effort transferring & bless the Web for making all this available.

    Well, thanks, Margery! I just go on, day after day, year after year. Sometimes the words work, sometimes they don’t. The important thing is the going on. And I agree… bless the Web.

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