Carry on with great care

Saturday May 10, 2008

Some days, when you’re busy or otherwise preoccupied, it’s difficult to bend the brain to a proper journal entry.  For me it’s generally because I’m putting what literary skills I have to other uses.  However, a life unwritten and all that…

House to Let — The house on the corner from us, which has been for sale and so far as I know is still on the market, went over to being ‘To Let’ yesterday and has had two visits today from the letting agent, escorting hopeful applicants.  Tempting.  I’m not going to do it, but I do have to admit that the temptation is great.

Grocery Prices— I like shopping for food but I am not used to having to look at the prices, far less choose goods based on their price.  Week after week, though, the total of my grocery bills increases, and I’m beginning to be a lot more careful.  I had a passion for fresh strawberries on yesterday, one of those all consuming passions I get about two or three weeks before the British crops come on.  The Spanish crops are coming along, though, and are available at a good price.  At least, it looked like a good price–two packs for the price of one.  Which is good except the base price is £2.49 a pack.  Well, I don’t want two large packs all for myself, and £2.49 is a lot of dosh.  I was just about to give up when I noticed, alongside the posh ones, some sad looking packs of the Sainsbury’s economy brand.  ‘Different shapes and sizes’, said the label.  And £0.99 the price.  I picked the pack up and examined the fruit carefully, sniffed at the vent holes and was transported to my youth.  They were delicious.  Very, very like the strawberries I remember when I was a kid.  Only a small victory, but a victory even so.

Home Cooking — Selective and careful shopping goes only so far, of course.  I treated myself to a quite ordinary Angus beef pie for my dinner and blanched when I noticed the price.  I can cook one myself for a fraction of the supermarket price.  And have it to the flavour I like, too.  Looking about me, I can’t help but observe that the same is true of many supermarket goods.  I’m going to have to rummage about in my boxes and cupboards to find my old cooking tins and tools.

New Sofa— Graham is going frantic for a new living room sofa from IKEA, doing the “I want it and I want it NOW” dance.  Nothing will dissuade him, not even the likelihood that he’ll have to pay for it.  I’m not arguing because our present sofa, becoming a little the worse for wear after ten years, is a candidate for recycling.  To me it’s not the best time for us to be buying new furniture but there you go.  And the IKEA job is truly rather splendid.

Viewing Booked— the agent called to book a viewing on the 28th.  The prospective purchaser is on a relocation package, moving to Bridgwater from somewhere in Buckinghamshire.  Something about an advance booking and the relocation package makes me feel we’re in with a good chance here.  Have to say, we are getting a decent number of viewings now.  Something like one every two weeks.  Most other people I’ve spoken with report a ‘one every other month or so’ kind of return.

Journal files— September 2005 done, October started.  I’m wrestling hard with the Flickr links I set up back then;  I think that if you’re going to go with Flickr you ought to stay with them or, immediately on withdrawal, go back and replace the journal photos with straight uploads.  I shall not get caught like that again, whether with photos or textual content.  No serious harm done, but I do reckon on at least trying to learn from my mistakes.  The WordPress feature that allowed me to show a gallery of each month seems to have stopped working, reinforcing my Flickr lesson.  Those pages of thumbnails I’ve put up using the WordPress feature still function but I can’t for the life of me make any new ones.

And finally — the heatwave is dug in for a while, hot and humid.  I’m not going to even try to ignore it and carry on regardless.  I’ve got to the age and condition where you don’t carry on regardless, you carry on with great care.


14 responses to “Carry on with great care

  1. “House to Let —”

    Oh go ahead and do it, John. Then give us all a report. (Don’t they have a web site where you can view it??)

  2. In this area I’d never ‘let’. They destroy premises.

  3. I’m guessing Kate wants to see pics of the rental property.

    I agree, that “relocation” prospect sounds like a very likely purchaser.

    Good variant on a “proper journal entry,” John. It’s interesting that you’ve got so many topics bubbling away. Sorry to hear about the heat and humidity, though. That takes the press out of my trousers, too.

    Hugs from Asia,
    ~ Sil

  4. “Relocation package” sounds promising indeed.

    Sofa pictures?

  5. As a single person, it always irks me when they have two for the price of one. If they are doing that then you should be allowed to purchase one for half price but it doesn’t work that way and it is annoying. Actually it is bordering on discrimination!! I remember how thrilled I was when they started to sell fruit and veggies in bulk bins so that you could just buy what you needed. You pay a premium price but you don’t toss out as much stuff.


  6. I almost marked the 28th on my calendar, John. That’s how thoroughly I’m into vicariously selling your house. I think it would be better to make note of whatever recipes you share when you ramp up your “from scratch” home cooking. (hint, hint, nudge, nudge)

  7. Oh, do let Graham go whole hog on the new sofa. We were so enamored of the Ektorp models that we bought a sofa, sofabed, loveseat and chair and had them shipped across from California.

    Entirely worth it, even with the exorbitant shipping costs.

  8. Safeway here (Sainsburys?) does the two for one price thing, but if you only get one the price is halved. However, if it is buy one and get one free, it is exactly that. Never hurts to ask.

    Also, some berries freeze very well.

    Renting out a house, here in the US, has all sorts of good tax reliefs.

  9. Rent is hassle though. Super hassle. John no likey hassle. The 28th person sounds good, but I’m tempted to do a Graham dance, I want it gone before then!! stomp!!

  10. Food costs here are rapidly becoming astronomical. Eggs trippled, bread by 6, and lettuce lets us empty our wallets. Brave on the strawberries, and good luck at Ikea. We too need a new sofa, but I think I’m going to add more foam and punt with a slipcover.

  11. Oh My – I believe I was misunderstood – I thought you wanted to go take a look at the ‘House for let’. I didn’t mean that you should ‘let’ your house out. Sorry if there was any misunderstanding.

  12. I understood your meaning, Kate.

  13. Thanks, Neva — I got Kate’s meaning, too. 😀

    John [coming late to the computer today]

  14. Hot and humid so early in the summer, lightening storms too?
    Hot humid sometimes feels worth it, though, when it is accompanied with fresh local strawberries and blueberries later on and peaches and…..

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