Melting poet

Monday May 12, 2008

I’m supposed to be acclimated to it by now.  The heat, I mean.  Well, it may happen, but it hasn’t happened yet.  And, if the temperatures on the chart are accurate it’s not even so very hot.

Well, they’re telling fibs.  It’s hot.  It’s humid.  And, apart from odd temporary escapes: in the car;  in the fresh food aisle in the supermarket;  in the early hours of the morning, just around dawn, I’m not enjoying it at all.

I’ll be back.  If I don’t melt first.


8 responses to “Melting poet

  1. John, I’d share my cool, slightly overcast, breezy with gusts up to 40 mph (64+ kph) if I knew a way.

  2. C’mon over here, John. It’s only 16C today. A smidge below the normal high of 18. Humidity’s OK at 50%, too.

    I expect you’ll want to run away come July when the temps hit 30C+ and 90% humidity, though. I certainly do. 😉

  3. My sympathies, John, and my prescription for surviving — never let yourself be without a well-iced glass of tea, preferably sweetened and sporting a many-leaved sprig of mint. So cooling. Iced coffee is also very nice. And, remember the saying very popular in the south of the USA, “Tain’t the heat, it’s the humidity”. True, true, true!

  4. I had to turn the heat on ‘once’ today, just to take the chill off, John. It’s windy, cloudy and expected to rain.

    I’ll gladly take a bit of heat off your hands.

  5. What’s very annoying about this heat is that here there’s no wind and so it’s very hot. At the beach, several miles away, it’s still hot but VERY breezy, so you can’t relax without getting sandblasted. I guess all that’s left is to sunbathe in the garden!

  6. Argggh! My complete sympathy, John. I truly can’t abide humid heat. Suffocating stuff. Can you freeze blocks of ice in, say, empty milk containers and set ’em in a pan with a fan blowing on them? Cool. I’m going to think cool for you.

  7. Pleasant here. Just a tad humid but nice out in my chaise.

  8. I only said the other day (to anybody who would listen) that it feels much hotter than the temperatures they are giving. Still, there is a nice breeze today.

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