Old pictures

I found a photo from Lincolnshire that I’d forgot. Click on it if you’d like to see the full-size version:

Misty horizon

5 responses to “Old pictures

  1. Wow. There’s some terrain like that just down the road from our cottage, John. The mist is great.

  2. I do hope is has cooled down a bit there at last. I love that picture……bits of mist shrouded moor will cool anyone off. I’d like to see that bit of art again often.

  3. How ever did you get a photo of my estate, John??? 😉

  4. Oh, my, Kate! You have one, too? 😉 But what a lovely, and oh, so English countryside, that is. Ahhh!

  5. I remember this photo from whenever-it-was. It’s lovely–very dreamy and surreal.

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