Excuses, excuses

Tuesday May 13, 2008

Still too hot’n’humid for my comfort. I love to sit in a shady spot and look out at the sunshine, though. Brain empty.


5 responses to “Excuses, excuses

  1. ah, melty brain syndrome. Fingers crossed it freshens up a little for you today 🙂

  2. I know you explained last summer – but why is it that you don’t have a window air conditioner for one of your rooms?

    Essentially because I don’t wish to harm the environment, Kate. A plain old-fashioned electric fan does me, thanks! 😀

  3. England is so hot already? So early in the season!

  4. Hugs……….
    And, once more you might post a temperature conversion chart so we might know how you suffer.

  5. http://www.onlineconversion.com/temperature.htm

    Here you go, indeed John, things are a little “warm” to be so early in the year…
    Just keep the air moving, and drink plenty of fluids.

    Thanks, Josephine! ;(

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