It’s Christmas!

Wednesday May 14, 2008

The early morning, just as the sky lightens for the day, is the only time of day at present when it’s cool enough to feel the breeze on my arms and feel chilly.  Well, almost.

Graham has been very, very poorly with a summer cold/gastric upset, though I suspect he has had a much better night.  The consumption of much liquid and large doses of completely soluble aspirin has seen him through.  When the supermarket wakes up this morning I shall go fetch him PseudoFed and two large bottles of Lucozade.  That’ll get him back on his feet again and I can stop playing Florence once more.

I am still not feeling wonderful.  Something has sucked all the energy out of me.  ALL the energy.  If it’s a succubus I hope she feels bloated.  There’s rain forecast today, and a cooler day tomorrow.  If they only get that 50% right I shall be well pleased.

And, finally, a few pictures from December 2005, including a couple of snow shots.  I shall feast my eyes on the snow, and then go find my copy of Winter Holiday, by Arthur Ransom.  Just to keep the illusion going for a while, you understand.



8 responses to “It’s Christmas!

  1. Hope Graham shakes it off today, not nice weather to be feeling sick like that. Enjoy the coolness 🙂

  2. feel better all of you!

  3. Dear John……..I so hope that both of you are revitalized soon. No more acting as a heat sink. That’s not ok. No more hugging the bar patrons. No more letting them breathe down his neck either. You two need to leap into summer with wonderful health this year. So there.

    Since I’m over there to the right in your blogroll, I thought I would give you the link to my new backup blog.

    Ronnie Bennett of “Time Goes By” refused to list me in her blog roll because Open
    Diary was too difficult to access. Few read me at Blogger, but I thought it might be easier for you to access also.

    I managed to leave a comment in urban-archology, Mage. Only took three goes to get around the warped letter barrier. Sadly, I can’t find the way to add to/delete/edit my blogroll any more. My brain’s gorn soft!

  4. Ah I remember those winter shots.

    The succubus? Dictionary here I come. Whatever it got me too.

    Oh, I do hope it didn’t get you, Bonnie! I think it’s a bloke-only thing… 😉 Well, usually… 😀

    See wikipedia.

    Hope the bone scan goes well.

  5. Microsoft Encarta doesn’t have the word! And I’ll forget to come look for your answer. Bone scan today.

  6. Fond memories of that lamp, John. I had one so very like it back during ‘that’ period, which I adored. Your snow pix are especially lovely and the one is really so like a cotton field ready for picking — very nice!

  7. Dear John………I hate those letter things as much as thee. Some young hacker left 20 some sales messages on my blog last month, and I installed that in self defence. Just for you I will take it down, but if that fool spammer returns, back up it goes.

    Yes, you left a perfect note. 🙂

  8. Hope Graham gets better soon.

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