Just a little tenderness

Thursday May 15, 2008

I’m weary down to the bone and out the other side.  Weary in places I didn’t know could get weary.  Looking after a Graham while he labours to get through a lousy, feverish, headachy, and pain-ridden summer cold is weary making work.

We done it, though.  He’s sitting up now, and goes fifteen minutes without a cough more and more frequently.

It took another visit to the doctors’ to persuade them that he really was in trouble, resulting in a prescription for sodium dicolfenac and Co-Codamol (codeine and paracetamol), both in heavy doses. After the first dose he collapsed in a heap for about three hours and then got up to mooch about the house.  He goes back to lay down for a while now and then but, mostly, he mooches.  He’s on the mend, and we beat it.

I still don’t understand why doctors insist on patients with truly lousy running colds attending the surgery.  It was crowded yesterday.  Not so much today.  Even so, despite strict use of a handkerchief, he’s bound to have passed the infection on.

Dolly the Mega-Cat has been in attendance on him throughout, following him through the house when he moves and dozing on the foot of the bed when he lays down.

I had a short spell yesterday, feeling feverish and throaty, and then it went back from whence it came.  That’s good.  It’s no fun when we’re both of us poorly.

So.  Another minor domestic crisis overcome without casualties.  Unless you count a couple of thousand dead paper tissues as casualties, that is.


11 responses to “Just a little tenderness

  1. Well, looka me! Numero uno! Tada!
    On a serious note, I’m so glad to hear that Graham is coming through this so quickly, Just MAKE him be careful, John, if you possibly can, so’s there’ll be no relapse! As to doctor’s waiting rooms, I’ve long argued they are the absolute BEST place to pick up a sickness you definitely do NOT want. Especially if flu’s going around. There should be a separate waiting room for colds and such, away from those in for routine stuff like blood work or an injection. Only makes sense, dunnit? Can’t imagine why someone brave doc dosen’t try it! And the paper hanky folks love the like of him.

  2. wow, keep up the good work and feel better and hugs from the US, OK?

  3. John, Graham, get well, and quickly please! 🙂 Dolly and I will do our best, as always… 🙂 Seriously, John, will think of you both and send all my healing thoughts over to you!

  4. Well now they want sick people in the waiting room passing bugs around so they will always have business. 😉

    Glad he’s doing better. You be careful now. You know how it is at our age. rotfl

  5. It’s in the weary body that bugs like to take up residence, so do take care, John. Of course, you will, but somehow it seems like a good thing to say.

  6. I’ve read that the purring of cats is healing and that they know where you need it and will snuggle up where it does the most good. Ah, cats … gotta love ’em.

    A couple weeks ago my son Emil was having trouble sleeping because of constant coughing due to a cold, and I tried a “cure” that came to me via email: putting Vick’s Vapour Rub on the soles of his feet, then socks. It worked! Don’t ask me how.

    Happy nursing, John; I hope Graham is soon feeling better. xoxo to you both.

  7. All the best to you both. Hope you feel much better very soon!

  8. Forgive my ignorance, but who was that in the video?

    A young, previously unknown Dubliner, cast in the movie “The Comitments”, Marty. You’ll find all the gen on IMDB!

  9. Oy. Blinkin’ summer colds. Fie on ’em! And oodles of mojo for both of you to back up Dolly’s nursing skills.

  10. The mojo helped, along with the massive painkiller dose. He managed a small bowl of soup yesterday (Thursday) evening, and kept it down. And he’s back to smiling, too, if somewhat blearily.

    Another emergency over. Thanks, guys!

  11. Thanks for the ID. The Comittments is one of the movies I have planned to see.

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