Start with the pictures

Each new month of archive transfers starts with the same operation:  upload the pictures.  If you do it the right way, WordPress makes a ‘gallery’ for you so’s you can go through them and do boring things like annotation, tagging and such.  I don’t do that.  Instead I lope through each new gallery in turn, wondering what on earth I was writing about when I found/stole/took that picture.  As a good example, take this gallery for February 2006:


6 responses to “Start with the pictures

  1. Ooor things! I hope you are both over the worst.Well what do you know ?Number 1 today!

  2. That should have been…. Poor things.My computer is playing up today.

  3. who is the handsome devil with the mustache? (as if I didn’t know…)

  4. Graham’s mobile now, thanks, and I am still clear of the bug, so. . . 🙂

    The mustache is fine, too… 😀

  5. Yup, you are looking fine there. So is the British countryside. Best of all is that Graham is better and you haven’t got the bug.

  6. So happpy you’ve NOT caught the bug and that Graham is improving, and many thankyou’s for sharing the pictures. They are a real treat.

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