Pictures again

There really isn’t much happening around here just now. Graham’s almost over his URTI-type bug; I am still puttering on, Dolly is enjoying the cooler weather, and I’m ploughing on transferring old journal files one month at a time. Only nine and a bit months to go and the job’ll be finished. These are the pictures from March 2006, covering a very bumpy ride:


5 responses to “Pictures again

  1. Oh, I love these! especially ‘phone 001’ where you look like Albert Einstein! Of course I’ve always loved your Roosters, too!

  2. wait, who is the handsome fellow with the mustache?

  3. I love the Dolly and Scooby Doo one.

  4. My daughter and I love your hen and rooster. She collects them. They’re quite handsome pieces.

  5. Thanks, folks! I was glad to get the March journal entries done — an emotional time and even now, two years later, I found my blood pressure rising!

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