None of them are Lucozade

Monday May 19, 2006

I had a nasty turn early yesterday evening, something non-fatally tummy-related, and was knocked sideways by it.  Graham reckons it was something to do with the bottle of Lucozade I swigged for lack of wine.

“You’ve started an allergy to Lucozade,” said.

“You’re just saying that so’s I don’t pinch any more from your store.”

“Not at all.”

“Yes at all.”

I had to give in shortly after that and take myself off to bed.  I had the most dreadful, restless, bloat-filled night, waking at frequent intervals and dreaming disjointed dreams of past work places and people.

When I woke this morning I was able to get going even though the bloat remained, painful and discouraging.  We went over to B&Q at Graham’s insistence, to buy replacement flowering bedding plants for the pots out front and the borders out back.  Graham’s still feeling weak and run-down but now we’ve got him off the medication, he’s swigging his way through a big bottle of Metatone and will be back up to strength in a day or two.

Shortly after we got home my tummy gurgled and I had to take myself off as the dam broke.  That did the trick and I’m fine again now.  The human digestive system is a sloppy piece of design, and it doesn’t improve with age.

Just now I transferred the journal file over for May 19, 2006.  Yes, two years ago today.  We were living in the caravan over at West Quantoxhead and I’d just instructed our solicitor to start the conveyancing process for our purchase of this house.  I shall not do any more today.

Sitting here, thinking back to that time, I find myself strangely enlightened and discouraged at once.  Somewhere in the past couple of years I seem, without realizing it, to have lost my impetus and much of my enthusiasm.  That’s fine. Now I know that I’ve lost it I can work my way back to the point where it went astray and start in on the job of recovering it.

I don’t think that my ‘plateau of maturity’ has sagged without hope of recovery but I’m afraid it most certainly has sagged.  I have the tools I need to get back on track, and none of them are Lucozade.


16 responses to “None of them are Lucozade

  1. Good morning! I did a Google on Lucozade. Looks like it has a lot of caffine and sugar in it.

    Sorry you have been um, err.

  2. Allergy or no, I suspect Graham’s supply is safe from future experiments.

    Impetus, enthusiasm, motivation, inspiration–I think they can be tricky at any age, but we notice their lack more when there aren’t outside forces to drive their appearance and we are more likely to lack those outside forces as we get older. I have no idea what to do with this observation now that I’ve made it, but somehow it seemed worth noting.

  3. Well, *I* was impressed, Wendy. I think you made an excellent point. And, John, here’s to finding your groove again — sooner, rather than later. (smile)

  4. So glad someone did the google thing. I’m too flipping tired. I just got in from the heat. And I mean heat!

  5. I’d be climbing the walls if I drank any of that stuff. I get palpitations if I have one cup of caffeinated coffee!

    Glad you’re feeling better, John.

  6. Hope your “system” is up and running normal, John.
    I used to think my dad had stock in the Lucozade manufacturer, when I was was younger…
    Boy, did I ever consume my share of that liquid miracle mystery , together with copius amounts of Ribena blackcurrent drink.
    Talking of which, I love love a cold tall glass of right now…..
    Just finished painting my potting shed, a lovely shade of Oxford Ivy, and installing a new wooden trellis alongside, in preparation of planting a spetacular purple flowered clematis.
    Aah these are the days 😉

  7. Lucozade, eh? I gather (from googling it) that it is something like Gatorade, etc. I don’t care for any of those “sports” drinks and “energy” drinks. I prefer to get my caffeine from coffee and to get hydrated from drinking plain water. (Although I will admit that one time — a number of years ago — completing a 20k race in late June and finding Gatorade being supplied at the end and being quite willing to drink it under those conditions. It was the same race a year or two earlier that had converted me to becoming a yogurt eater. After running a hilly 20k course, any food was welcome. The eating of yogurt has stayed with me but not the drinking of Gatorade.

  8. I’m with you, Jim. Yoghurt and oatmeal, most every morning, and I’m feeling quite a bit better than I used to. Eliminated most if not all sugared beverages from my diet, and by golly, the doctors might even be right about making those sorts of changes. 🙂

  9. I eliminated sugar from all beverages, and much else, back in the 1970s, when there was a chronic shortage of sugar here in the UK. I reckon that did me a power of good, not least in the avoidance of diabetes. Now and again, though, I need a sugar hit to counteract an energy low. This time I thought Lucozade might be a good idea. It wasn’t. I’d have done better to eat a couple of squares of chocolate, or to mix up a glass of sugar water!

    Caffeine is another matter. I live on it. Doesn’t seem to do me any harm so long as I keep it below 20 cups a day. 😀

  10. Andrew Duffin

    None of them “are” Lucozade?

    Tut, tut John.


    The Pedant.


    Oh, poor Andrew! Have you never seen a plurality of Lucozade?

  11. Oh, I thought you meant a group of tools, John. That’s the way I read the sentence.

    Dear me! Now I wonder if I should be teaching English to these poor Coreans.

  12. In John’s title (“None of them are Lucozade”), the subject is not Lucozade but rather the tools (as Sil suggested) which were, indeed, not Lucozade. Thus, “none” would be plural and would require a plural verb.

    Yes, I can be a pedantic grammar geek.

  13. That’s the problem with run-on sentences, I suppose–there can be a multiplicity of subjects, all unclosed.

    Not that I’m bothered. I’m far too old to be able to remember the precise rules of grammar… 🙂

  14. You wrote: “… waking at frequent intervals and dreaming disjointed dreams of past work places and people.” I wonder, often, when that will all stop. My last relocation was 23 years ago, my last employment 11. Nevertheless, the dreams with frustrations, discouragements, and a general unease keep rolling by more frequently than I like. But it is fun to awaken and know that it’s in the past, and I’ve a better/different life now.

  15. As we age, John, it seems we need all sorts of pills and potions just to be able to toddle along with the rest of the world. I always pictured myself as a tiny little energetic lady, gray of head and sprite of foot. But alas, not to be. Instead I take my pills, struggle to get around and do my best to at least appear to be well.

    I hope your problem is resolved with a minimum of trouble.

    I seem to be addicted to Diet Mountain Dew which is loaded with caffeine, but since I get on other caffeine, I tell myself it doesn’t hurt me. I do love the taste.

  16. Oh, well, I meant to say I don’t get any other caffeine except for the Dew. I guess my fingers staggered a bit there.

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