Temporary gallery

Tuesday May 20, 2008


This will, hopefully, be enlarged into a proper journal entry later today, with a notify, and pretty shells all in a row. For the moment it serves as a lodging place for the photographs I used in the June 2006 journal entries:


That was the plan, anyway.  The actuality went like this:


Me: “I wish we could do something about prodding this into action.”

G: “We can. Phone the agent why don’t you, and see about dropping the price.”

Which is what I did.  We’re now “Priced for quick sale” and should be re-marketed this coming weekend, in time for the May 28th lady.

Later, sitting down here:

G: “What are you doing there, then?”

Me: “Oh, I thought I’d write a nice, leisurely journal entry, all poetic and such.”

G:  “You can do that tomorrow.  I thought you were having a shower ready for the hospital in the morning.”

Me:  “Oh. Sorry. I’m getting there.”

G: “You have a very strange way of going about it.”


8 responses to “Temporary gallery

  1. Good morning! What a nice sweater! And an even nicer fur…. 🙂

  2. Morning, Brigitte! That’s me, on the morning we got the keys to this house, and Dolly, still in the caravan, at about the same time.

  3. That is a very handsome photo of you, John.


  5. Dear John…….I noticed your loss. I find if I just sit and nurse the house or work at the computer, I too lose my push. I have to exercise, even if it is so painful to move that I feel like a frozen lump. Even half a mile get’s me going again. Hugs…….we here care lots.

  6. One would think that, after all these years, Graham would understand the poetic method.

  7. Didn’t have to click on any of those pictures. Did recall them all. Amazing I recalled something! 🙂

  8. Sending lots of power-health thoughts your way! It’s the 21st here, 16:17 hours, as a matter of fact. I hope I’m coordinating the energy right. 😉

    Hugs from Asia,
    ~ Sil

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