Prodding, gobbling, and peeking

Wednesday May 21, 2008

“Why’s he call it gynecomastia instead of just saying male breast enlargement, then?” I asked on the way out of the hospital.

“If he used the same language as us he couldn’t call himself a consultant,” Graham replied.


“Ah, grasshopper, sometimes you are wise beyond your ears.”

“Don’t you mean ‘years’ rather than ‘ears’?”

“Typical of you, that is.  Quibble. Quibble. Can I have a proper breakfast now?”

“Yup.  For once you’ve earned it.  We’ll stop at the garden centre on the way through Burnham.”

Which is what we did.

The consultant, for all his reluctance to use plain English, was a bloke you could trust immediately, and impressive with it.  His opinion is that my swollen breast is the result of years on diuretics–just as I’ve always said it is–and has no sinister signs.  Even so, he wants to make sure, so I’m going back to the hospital on June 4 ‘early in the morning’ for a needle biopsy job to be done  under local anaesthetic.  I’ll be perfectly safe to drive myself home, he says.  The results will be available seven to fourteen days after that and he’ll let me know immediately.  Which is great.  Even if we do get to move house all of a sudden, we’ll still be here at the end of June.

The countryside between Weston-super-Mare and Burnham-on-Sea is very attractive.  Neither town, sadly, has a good reputation for peaceable living.  These days it’s difficult to find one that does.

The garden centre was noticeably less busy than of late, with oodles of spaces in the car park.  It’s the place you see a lot of retired folks out for a little treat.  You see fewer and fewer retired folks out for a little treat these days–petrol is too expensive.  At £1.1896 a litre I paid the most I’ve ever paid for today’s trip, and we’re told to expect it to increase a great deal over that.  I suspect that in three years we’ll be paying a little over £2.50 a litre.  A nice little trip in the car will be a rare event well before that.

The breakfast was pretty good, even though it was stretching things to describe it as a ‘full English’  One sausage, two eggs, one canned tomato, two slices of bacon and a spoonful of beans doesn’t really make a ‘full English’, even if you do add toast and tea.

“How do you feel now?” Graham asked.

“Ready to face the world,” I said, patting my tummy contentedly.

“Good.  Now, wipe that drop of sauce off your shirt and we can go shopping.”

By the time we’d searched for and purchased a good-looking black glazed earthenware planter and done a pass through Sainsbury’s on the way home I was pretty well exhausted.  It was the strain of anticipating and undergoing a poke and prod in my chubby areas of course.  I’m happy about it all now, though.

We’ve done everything we can to get our house sale moving, mostly because we’ve found a house at the other end that we’d dearly like to buy.

I’m not going to say where, or too much of anything about it, but it’s on the market, has been for some time, is somewhat rundown, and is empty–a foreclosure job, we suspect.  I’ve emailed the selling agent and we’ll probably pop over to Wales to look at it next week, restraining our curiousity until then.  Through the magic of the Internet, I can however inspect it and its surrounding areas quite intensively from the air.  The online HIP helps, too.  Another few years and we’ll not need to go out viewing houses at all.  Wanna peek?  Here you go:




21 responses to “Prodding, gobbling, and peeking

  1. Always glad to hear good health news, John.

    I know you’re feeling better because you’re being quite the tease about the potential new place, right down to photoshopping the surrounding area so we can’t find it well at all by digging at pictures ourselves. (Probably just as well as I’m supposed to be working.)

    Time for all of us to get that selling mojo traveling through the airwaves.

  2. Well that isn’t fair. Click on the house and it doesn’t get larger like I figured it would. 🙂

    So glad the poking is done.

    What is that sauce? Looks like barbeque sauce.

    It’s “HP” brown sauce, Bonnie. Savoury, with a balance of sugar and vinegar. We love it over here.

    Sorry ’bout the picture. I clipped it from the house-selling site and that’s as big as it gets.

  3. I like it too. Looks like it has a bit of privacy and lots of lawn for Graham to fuss over. Hope it works out.

  4. Hardly anywhere that’s not behind a wall or metal fence is peaceable in the UK these days, I’m sensing. Even here in Louth – and supposedly one of the nicest areas – we had the back of our car kicked in last night. C’est la vie!

  5. Ahhhh. Good post, if frustrating. I’m tickled the doc shop sent you out with good news. I’m also delighted you’ve found a new house worth checking out — and I’ll certainly upgrade the mojo being sent to encourage the sale of your current abode. But I really, really, RILLY want to know more about the new place NOW. (sigh) Where’s my chocolate stash?

  6. Oooh, that house looks lovely. I’m sure you and Graham would do all the polishing and redecorating it may need, and it would be a comfortable, cozy home for you both–and Dolly. It looks as if it has a bit of space about it too–a big plus. Now I just want to see more!

  7. John, the house looks great. And I suppose you know this too. Oh yes, I’d fall in love with this too, so I keep my fingers crossed for you and Graham and Dolly. And, hey, I’m very happy to hear that your hospital visit went well!!!

  8. I’d say it all looks like things are going very right for the next chapter about to begin in the saga of the ‘Moveable Old Grey Poet”. I, too, was not only disappointed but a bit annoyed that there’s no getting a closer look at the prospective new house. What I can see really looks nice, though.

  9. Reminded me of the old ranch house immeadiatly. Dying to know more. Aren’t those promising viewers coming next Thursday?

    Glad the proddy-jabby wasn’t too bad, almost makes it worthwhile though to have a nice guilt free breakfast at the end of it. Never a sweeter sausage than one that’s earned. Mmmm.

  10. Good news on the dr. front, John, good for you.
    And I was expecting a larger photo too on clicking. I like what I can see. Good luck for a quick sale.

  11. Thanks for the good vibes on the proddy-jabby [don’t you just love that?], guys. Breast problems are something that blokes are inclined to neglect, from fear and uncertainty. Guys have ’em too! My take is to do whatever I can to reduce the fear factor.

    As to being completely explicit about house purchases, yes, I can see the problem. I’m not trying to tease, well, not more than a teensy bit! The truth is that we have found a suitable place at a very favourable price and we don’t want to spark up competition or invoke the interest of spiteful small gods. So, no, until we go firm on it, and if[!], I’m unwilling publicly to advertise the place. Or tempt fate.

    You can trust me to bore you silly with pictures and info of the house we eventually go for… 😀

  12. well, good luck all around!

    Ta, muchly!

    funny, I don’t think that Americans would consider beans and tomato for breakfast

    That’s fine, Gary, I don’t suppose beans and tomatoes would consider Americans for breakfast, either!

  13. OOh! you tease!Tell us more….pretty please?How may beds?How big is the garden?

  14. 4 beds, 2 (full) baths, 1 large living area, kitchen/breakfast room. Don’t know abt size of plot… I’d put it at abt 1/4 of an acre.

    And that is it–I’m not about to tempt fate on it any more! 😀

  15. Oh, goodie, pictures. Two in one entry, delightful. Now I know you are doing better. Hurrah on all fronts including the 1/4 acre.

  16. A quarter acre isn’t much, and I’m guessing that the tannish, fuzzy areas cover up nearby buildings. I seem to be able to make out a roof just in the edge of the lower fuzzy on the left. If I were you, I’d be awfully suspicious of pictures that don’t show more of the neighbourhood. Still and all, the house sounds like it has lots of potential. Best wishes for a quick sale of the Bridgwater house.

    Hugs from the east,
    ~ Sil

  17. When I first looked at the picture, I thought the house was surrounded by flood waters! It looks great!

  18. Yes, Joan I thought that was the case too!
    Flood waters, or plonked right in the middle of it’s own little Island…..delightful 😉

  19. Wow. I just sat here and did arithmetic and that works out to approximately $8.90/gallon. Ouch!

  20. Ouch! Indeed!

    I just saw the flood water/island notes from Joan and Josephine… I photoshopped out the adjacent properties to avoid spying eyes having any more clues to location than needful. I’d love to live on a little island and, think of it, what an ultimate catio! As it is, it’s in a nice tree-lined and tree-surrounded cul-de-sac. Still not sold today (May 25, 2008) and if that’s still the case if we get an offer on this house on Wednesday, we’ll be tripping over to Wales to have a look at it on the ground. Aerial shots are all very well but there’s nothing quite as good as sniffing the air and kicking the brickwork.

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