When the living gets quiet

Friday May 23, 2008

Busy day today.  Been busy already, and there’s more busy to come.  Graham is planning to give the house a good clean before going off to the holiday camp for the weekend.  There could be a couple of viewings before he returns on Monday night, so I have to be ready to do the hosting thing.  Our sights are set on snaring the viewer scheduled to visit on Wednesday;  our asking price has dropped over £5k since the good lady made the appointment and that may just persuade her that we’re offering a helluva lot of high quality house for the cash.

There’s a sudden, very noticeable drop in the numbers of houses for sale in this area.  It seems that people have decided to sit back and wait for better times.

When you’re running a mortgage that can be the best plan.  Even when you’ve paid your mortgage off there’s a notional figure below which a sale becomes uneconomical.  We’re just about at that point now and have no intention of going lower.  But… even in the best of times there’s no real knowing.  Whatever happens we’ll stay on the market until we sell, be it weeks, months or years.  Graham has a conviction that the best way not to sell your house is not to have it up for sale.  He’s not wrong.  You have to give him that.  He’s not wrong.

Hey ho.  We’ll all of us have to see and, in the meantime, clear the table, spread out the maroon-coloured bobbly cloth and get out the jigsaw puzzle.  Or the scrapbook.  Or the stamp album.  Or whatever low-cost, low-impact pastime takes your fancy when the living gets quiet.

I have finished the transfer of journal entries for June 2006 and am about to start on July.  These are the photographs I used back then.  A strange mixture:


9 responses to “When the living gets quiet

  1. I hope it sells soon for you. Down here in Sydney, the market is slow, very slow. Son’s house was passed in at auction, well below reserve. He’s now renting it out at a figure which not only shows that his reserve was right but which just on pays his mortgage. Renting himself elsewhere at a much lower rent than the mortgage was for a beautiful house.

    Don’t quite understand your having to be home for hosting. Agents tell owners to be out down here when having a viewing or showing individuals through. Hide the pets and any evidence thereof, air house, flowers etc, but definitely no owners around as it inhibits the viewers.

    And it looks as if I’m first! Now how did I manage that?

    Heh! And… have you ever tried hiding a mega-cat, Jan? 😀 The agent is understanding, and quite happy for one of us to stay home and sit quietly in a corner, not participating. Sometimes of course he’s not able to escort the viewers and then he asks us to do it.

  2. Shirley, in PA

    I hope your house sells soon too. Where were the beach photos taken? Such an empty stretch of beach is unheard of around here (Jersey and Delaware shores). Beautiful to see.

  3. Most of our beaches are still relatively empty. That will change tomorrow with the three day Memorial Day weekend (and a forecast for sunny weather).

  4. How well I remember those garish colors that took a lot of work. Rather be walking the beach. 🙂

  5. I hope that this long weekend is cool and pleasant for you. The back yard is lovely this time of year.

    I picked up a couple plants at the garden centre near Mi Jung’s house and they brightened up the dooryard a lot. My yard, like most Korean dooryards, is concrete-covered. Potted plants make a definite difference. 🙂

    It was a real treat to read the June 2006 journal pages, with the completion of the house purchase. I have a feeling I would like Sally, should I ever get the chance to meet her.

    Hugs from Asia,
    ~ Sil

  6. The beach is ‘private’, belonging to the holiday club and an adjacent caravan club/farm. It’s actually quite difficult to get at except by one of about six rickety old stairs.

    The June 2006 pages were fun to re-do, building up to the exchange and completion, and then to the coloured and grimy walls of the house. Shook me a little to realize that our 2-year anniversary here is only four weeks or so away.

    I’ve started on the July pages now, and shall plod on. August, September, October, November and part December and then the whole file transfer job will be finished. I’m hoping for a great lessening of the load feeling when I get there… 🙂

  7. I had almosst forgotten that Pepto-Bismol pink room, John, but seeing it again has likely scarred me for life. How could anyone live with that? Makes you wonder, no?

  8. “the maroon-coloured bobbly cloth” – I love that.

    Two years! Makes sense when I think about it, but I always thought it was temporary and that probably stopped me thinking about it much. I do believe your gut feeling about the place was spot on.

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