Everybody’s doing it

Saturday May 24, 2008

So.  Here we are, another Bank Holiday weekend (Sat. to Mon.), Dolly and I have been left, albeit with great regrets, to our own devices, and we’re slacking off to Ravi Shankar.

I have been bashing away at the transfer of journal entries.  July 2006 now finished (my, wasn’t it hot!) and just started tickling at August.  For some strange WordPress reason I seem to have lost the gallery for August so I can’t put up one of those thumbnail sets;  the photos are there, but I can’t get them to group into a gallery.

Other than that, lunch was rosti and eggs, dinner will be steak pie, colcannon mash, peas and baby carrots, and there has and will be a slow steady trickle of sauvignon blanc to see the day away.

In other words, we’re having a day off, Dolly and me.  Everybody’s doing it.  Is there anyone here brave enough to tell Dolly that she and I are wrong?

Go on, punk. Make my day.


8 responses to “Everybody’s doing it

  1. I’m sure no punk would dare to sully Her Majesty’s presence, let along contradict her. Enjoy!

  2. As usual, I have to look up your menu and have come to the conclusion that you must like potatoes a lot! I know I do and there is no way to mess them up. Potatoes are good anyway they are prepared, even just boiled and buttered.

    As for Dolly guarding against punks. She is a boss cat for sure. But a very attractive one.


  3. Drat. Being first with a typo is not so much a privilege. Alone.

    Lovely Dolly photo.

  4. Nooooooo….oh no, never wrong. Dolly is the most divine being ever, to walk this earth. 😉

  5. Wendy – no one would have noticed. (and I won’t mention it to Dolly – lol!)

  6. The pronunciation of the words aloud boggles me mind. Forget my even thinking them, Madame La Reine! And yet! ‘Twas your very own John, who loosed them there! You must speak to him, and sharply!
    And, John, how could you sully that personage with such such vulgar language?

  7. Ahhh, good ol’ hashbrowns! Excellent choice, John. And Dolly will defend your right to it.

  8. That is a beautiful picture – she’s gorgeous!

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