Nibbling and pictures

Sunday May 25, 2006

Another lazy day today.  If you discount a steady plod of file transfers along with some pretty deep thinking, that is.  It’s raining, and it’s turned distinctly chilly.  Two days ago I was hunting for a silent electric fan for the bedroom.  Today I had to put the heating on for a little while.

Anyway, August 2006 is done and I’ve started nibbling at September.  Here are the clickable thumbs for the September pictures:


7 responses to “Nibbling and pictures

  1. Deep thinking isn’t being lazy. It needs to be done. Hope you can get everything sorted out in your head.

  2. While you’re thinking, I’m enjoying the several pictures of Dolly and the one of Mr. Rusty. Those two are quite a pair.

  3. Indeed! It’s a treat to see Dolly ALL of the time and an especial one to see Mr. Rusty again. He is such a handsome fellow! I’m sure he was once a great hero, as Dolly once was queen of the Persians.

  4. I know so, please, don’t tell me, Dolly is a Maine Coon Cat! But that does NOT have the same queenly ring to it. Now does it?

  5. Dolly baby!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’d forgotten the church yard photo. The one with your shadow. 🙂

  7. Mr. Rusty!

    The aul deep thought thing must be catching 😉

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