Rain, rain, please stay for the day

Monday May 26, 2008

“Is it raining with you, too?” Graham asked yesterday.

“Not a lot.”

“That’s not good.  Our garden needs a thorough soaking.”

“I’ll do a rain-dance for you.”

Well, it worked.  A good soaking yesterday evening, and more over night.  And it’s still raining heavily this morning.  Dolly and I shall, when we’ve had our breakfast, cuddle up for a wet day snooze-in.

The journal file transfers proceed apace and I’m now in sight of the end.  I finished September a little while ago, and have moved the first of the October files so’s I could gather the October pictures into a gallery:


11 responses to “Rain, rain, please stay for the day

  1. that Ikea brekkie is making my unfortunate tummy quiver. Those hash browns, I’d kill for a hash brown…

    Have a snooze for me please, I’m falling asleep in work after the weekend 🙂

  2. All this food before lunchtime! And smiling Graham serving it all! 🙂 I am HUNGRY!!!

  3. I went right away to the Graham picture too. What’s he serving up there with that big grin?

    I can take the beans w/ my breakfast, but dear lord, just remove that tomato before ya give me my plate. 😉

    Lovely watercolor also, John.

  4. IKEA elevenses, Kate. See here for the story and the pictures… 😉

  5. Oh, now I’m hungry!

  6. Me, too!

    I tried to find your ‘muffin’ recipe, but only got one that called for a cup of margarine. Could I substitute butter? Can’t have hydrogenated oils.

  7. Love, love, love that watercolor!

  8. Sil — I almost always substitute butter for margarine in this kind of recipe. If I’m worried that the result might be too rich I cut out an egg, or use ‘wartime’ butter; we used to mix plain cold water into the butter to ‘make it go further’ back in the days of rationing!

  9. Dear John,

    I ran across this and thought of you:


    The very many lovely photos you’ve made of Dolly and Harry over the years would be a good choice for that site, if you’re interested in selecting a few of the best to share.

    All best wishes to you and yours!

    Hi Sue! That’s a great site for the cat lovers. I’ll give the project some thought when I’m a little less busy.

    Best to you, too!

  10. Thanks, John. That’s what I’ll do.

    Sue, that’s a marvelous cats’ gallery.

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