Apologies for near-absence

Tuesday May 27, 2008

I’m running so late with this that I feel I ought to give in gracefully and get on with Wednesday.

We were very late leaving the holiday club last night/this morning because a group of elderly Northern drinkers simply wouldn’t quit.  When we drove off into the stormy night at two-thirty they were still there, sitting in a pool of lights in an otherwise dark clubhouse.  The bar had closed long before but they’d gone back to their caravans and chalets and brought their own supplies over.

That meant it was four-thirty before we got to sleep, and ten-thirty before I woke this morning.

That’s enough to lose journal writing time for anyone, I reckon.  So, apologies for near-absence.


4 responses to “Apologies for near-absence

  1. Well John, you may be tired this morning, but ‘they’ll’ have the hangovers! 😉

  2. Sometimes I wonder at the thoughtlessness of people in bars and pubs. It just never seems to enter their minds that the people pouring the drinks just might have homes of thier own they’d like to go to. I go into panic mode when I notice the obvious signs that the party is over, the music’s quit, the last polish has been given to the bar, and still they won’t get up and get out the door so you can put out the lights and lock up!

  3. Edward McCain

    Hrmph. Same thing when I was a bartender many years ago. I found the best solution was to turn all the house lights on and play show tunes.
    The patrons usually left after Natalie Wood was singing ‘I feel Pretty’ for the 5th time.

    Hell is Repetition 😀

  4. Edward McCain

    uh, I should explain – I tended a high-energy dance club so show tunes were like garlic on vampires.
    Perhaps Grahams customers would enjoy broadening their musical experience with some Frank Zappa or maybe Johann Kuhnau’s ‘Der Kampf zwischen David und Goliath’

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