Just a little smug

Wednesday May 28, 2008

When, in January last year, I opened this WordPress.com version of the journal, I hummed and hahhed over the question of whether or not to transfer all the old entries from the previous website here in the one big egg basket.

Can’t remember now why I thought it’d be a good idea but, ever since, I’ve been copying the files and journal photos over one at a time, modifying the code as needed to build a complete 10-year archive–the 10th anniversary of this journal will be on July 5–and deleting the old html copies on www.oldgreypoet.com.

Well, this morning I transferred the last one, and took a backup of the wordpress files.  In addition, I have a complete copy on my hard disk here, along with generations of backup.

So, when I’ve caught my breath, I shall clean up the old site so that it becomes a repository for my graphics archives along with my web-writing–poetry and prose–and then, finally, stitch the sidebar here into the index pages on the old site.

The plan is to start a new journal on July 5 next.  I need to do some careful thought and research in the intervening period, not to mention getting down to some serious design.  If the next journal is to be a 10 year effort I shall be close to the end of my 70s when it’s done, so I do need to design against the possibility that I might have dropped a good few more marbles by then, and shall not be able to do another rehash.  I’m sort of half thinking it’d be best to make one journal a year, hooking the lot together as best I can.

But as for transferring archives from version to version, no, those days are done.

The job’s simply too large, you see.  The journal entry count today stands at 3371.  My spirit cringes when I contemplate transferring that load, manually or otherwise.

And I’m not into cringing very much these days.  I’m cultivating the jollier side of me, ready to sail into the sunset and on to the tropic islands I encounter on the way.

Oh, alright.  I got the job done, and I’m feeling just a little smug about it.  Some may feel that my sense of achievement is a tad misplaced;  I hope they’ll have the good manners to keep their feelings to themselves for a while.  I’m too busy being jolly.


A jolly poet

26 responses to “Just a little smug

  1. Congratulations on almost 10 years of the oldgreypoet, John – and on the unenviable task of transferring all of those entries. Oddly enough this January was also the 10th anniversary of my journal-keeping habits and I still haven’t managed to transfer all of the 1998 entries to my current archive. I’ll have to get that done by the end of the year. It’s quite a satisfying feeling to get them all in the same place, isn’t it? It appeals to my obsessive nature.

  2. Congratulations John! Will have to have a bit of a poke around in your Archives, and re-acquaint myself with your various adventures and different cattios.

    Good luck with the re-design, looking forward to the new look.

    Love that photo of you, you do look just a tad smug in it, and with good reason!

    Best wishes from wet Liverpool

  3. … and by 1998 I mean the entries from that year, not the number of entries. I was curious to see how many I have after 10 years and it stands at a current total of 2,601, plus another 365 for 1998 which haven’t been moved over yet – so 2,966. Not too shabby but you definitely win. 😉

  4. Andrew Duffin

    Well you certainly look jolly in that picture, John.

    Enough of all this talk about losing your marbles – live long and prosper, say I!

  5. Jolly indeed! I couldn’t help but beam back at the computer screen.

    Well done, really really, on finishing the transfer. I’d say you’ll puff more than two or three great big sighs of relief today as it comes back into your mind. What a glorious feeling to be done with something that’s been nagging and dragging.

    Have to admit though, got a bit of a fright when I saw the title and thought, oh god x15 – they’ve sold it!!! Soon, soon, I can still feel it in me waters (yucky phrase, but, there you go)

  6. Good morning, dear jolly poet! 🙂 You really should see us, I think we’re all beaming back at the computer screen as Lou put it. So congratulations to your 10-years-anniversary and more, many more congratulations to the completion of this tedious job of transferrring archives. CONGRATULATIONS and enjoy the day! 🙂

  7. I think you have every reason to be smug!Congrats ,you jolly old grey poet you!

  8. You just go on being Jolly, John. My mug of tea is raised to ya!

  9. Humbug, the picture of you looking so jolly is not coming in for me… but I’ll close my eyes and imagine it. You deserve a pat on the back, Mr. Bailey!

  10. John, congratulations on the completion of your massive file transfer project. *sigh* and there are still years of my entries that remain scattered at two different addresses… and some of the ones that I did get around to moving probably have undetected link errors. Having some idea of the size of the task, I am in awe of your accomplishment. (Especially since you have more entries per year than I do!)

    You are, indeed, entitled to your jolly and satisfied look.

  11. Well now, that’s passing strange. I get the caption but no indication of a picture. Wouldn’t have even realized there was a picture if others hadn’t mentioned it. Hmmm. In any case, huzzahs and enthusiastic cheers to you, John, for finishing such a daunting task. Now I’m preparing myself for an even bigger celebration on July 5th. Ten years! Oh my stars and garters!

  12. Like Dee I get no picture, just that flipping red x. And she uses Fire Fox so no sense me running over there.

    I wish I could remember when I first starting reading you, or should I say listening cause I recall that and your puzzles so well. 🙂

  13. Decided to have a go at FireFox and there is your picture! 🙂

  14. Happy poet, happy readers, and all the archives in one place–calls for a celebration, as it seems we’re doing. I’m raising my mug as well.

    Over here in the USA, on the day you complete 10 years of journaling, we’re going to have fireworks. 😉

  15. What a difficult job well done. Simply grand stuff. My hat is off to you.

  16. I started reading your journal in 1999. Someone gave me WebTV for my birthday. Wonder of wonders, I actually got something on WebTV that someone could not get on TV. Your picture is so clear and the colors are just wonderfully bright. Nice smile there!

  17. A very satisfied look on your face, John. The smile radiates and brightens my morning.

  18. So very grand to see you, John, hale and hearty, obviously well nourished, (and good for ye, on that!) and enjoying a good life in warm and comfy surroundings. May the ensuing years treat you as kindly as your past ones have! It would leave an awfully large hole in my day, you should know, and I’m sure in many others , as well, were you to stop posting. So please, do NOT even consider it!!!!

  19. Nice photo John!

  20. Jolly, jolly, joy, joy!!!

  21. Yes, I’m beaming back at you, too, John.
    And sending you lots of loving thoughts from the far side of that huge landmass just beyond your dear island.

    ~ Sil

  22. Congratulations you jolly man!

  23. Well I didn’t know there was a photo either. I’ve got firefox and it’s not coming in for me! Humpff.

  24. And a jolly good picture it is of you, John. You’re looking mighty smug and happy. And you deserve to be after all that work. Happy Journaling far, far into the future.

  25. That perishin’ photo is playing tricks. Actually, it’s something on wordpress.com — quite widely reported. My own take is that someone has been too clever for his/her own good, and hasn’t done adequate testing. Again.

    The guys will fix it in the next couple of days, I’m sure of that.

  26. It’s fixed! It’s a fabulous photo, John. Jolly – indeed! 🙂

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