Feel the rays

Thursday May 29, 2008

I got thrown out of the house yesterday, leaving Graham and the estate agent free and uncluttered to show viewers round.  One of us has to be here to ensure Dolly’s safety but to be honest, it’d be a lot less strainful for us to go out for coffee and a bun.  Or anything.

As it is, it’s much better for Graham to do the cat-guardian duty.  In spite of all my efforts I can’t keep my grumpy old man side hidden when my home is being invaded. Especially when overhearing a remark from the viewer to the effect that “it’s a shame the house doesn’t have a drive and an attached garage.”  Well, foopey whuckin’ DOO!

The woman loved the house, though, so the jury is still out.  Our agent has promised to make best efforts to get a verdict out of them today, which is good, leaving us with an element of hope.

The agent told me yesterday that, since reducing our price, our house is far and away the most active of their portfolio, with lots of appearances in web searches, and clicks galore.  Again, there’s an element of hope in that.

But, it’s far too lovely a day to be worrying about selling and buying houses.  Sunshine is free to all who are brave enough to go out and enjoy it.  And I’m determined to drag Graham away from his computer and for us to go out and feel the rays.


11 responses to “Feel the rays

  1. Just getting up here and enjoying a nice hot mug of tea. The light is just beginning to break through the trees and we’re expecting lovely sunshine today, also.

    Go enjoy it, John. Have a wonderful day.

  2. I hope you get your seller soon, then you can concentrate on the much nicer job of looking for your new life.

  3. After the first one or two visits when we were selling our house, I just left the old dog and cats sleeping in there, for the realtor and visitors to see. I saw one woman playing with the cats (I was walking the other 2 dogs nearby) and I am sure my cat sold the house for us. Good boy!
    I would buy a house with Dolly in it.

  4. Shirley, in PA

    I would buy a house with Dolly in it if she came with the house. 🙂 Looks like your prospects are improving along with the weather. Good luck.

  5. fooey wucking doo indeed. But at least that is something you aren’t responsible for. I guess some people don’t want to walk too far from garage to house. Personally I wish ours was detached.

  6. So I counted two elements of hope! That’s not bad I’d say, so good luck! And I do like your “foopey whuckin doo”… Improves my English tremendeously! 🙂

  7. I should think that Dolly would provide just the right note of elegance, thus making the house even more desirable. And excuse me while I dry my eyes. I haven’t quite quit laughing over that stupid fella’s stupider remark. foorey Whuckin’ Doo’ indeed!

  8. Oh goodie! Possibilities and potentials — we haz ’em. All fingers crossed for “happy deal,” as they say in Thailand when a well-negotiated bargaining session is completed.

  9. Great news all around. Yup, sunshine is the key.

  10. Garages….blech. My husband has been whining about wanting a garage since 1984 – when we moved into our present home. Personally, I hate them – the smell, the dirt. I hope his wife’s desires win out – as mine did! 🙂

  11. Seems he was just looking for a negative — they both of them loved the house over all the others they’ve seen, and would put in an offer if they had a buyer for their own house. They seem, sadly, to have forgotten telling us they were on a relocation deal. No matter, it is encouraging, and the sun did shine!

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