Out with a bang

Saturday May 31, 2008

Today I started out on the job of stitching the two websites together, creating a new front page for the old site and a link in the sidebar here joining the two.  I had a feeling there’d be a few bad links on the old one but thought that a covering note would be enough to spare my blushes.


I need now to dive into the old structure and do a bit of ruthless pruning, doing my best to preserve the material but having the integrity of the whole as my main target.  Lawks but I have come to loathe html coding!

The Barbellion and writings areas are fine.  As always, it’s the journal-linked images that are causing the problem.  I’m pretty much sure that I can see a good solution but if that doesn’t work I’m sorely tempted to keep on pruning until I have it done.  And that’ll be the last work I shall do on this old stuff.  I think I shall keep on puttering in blog format until I can see a better way forward, starting a new volume annually on some suitable date.

Other than that, a quiet day.  I started in on the plonk a little later than yesterday but even so kept my glass too full for too long, waking in the small hours to a half-sleeping dream of times past, a dream from which I had trouble emerging.  Not fair!  I love my booze and now it looks like it’s going to have to go the same way as the ciggies.  I shall try rationing myself to one glass a day but in honesty I don’t anticipate success on this one.  Never worked with the ciggies–it was all or nothing for me.

These addictions are actually harder to handle as you get older.

Just as well I have no problems arising from my heavy caffeine intake.  If anyone ever suggests that I should cut out the coffee–and the tea–I shall let out a bellow the like of which has not been heard for a long, long time, stock up on cigarettes and booze, and go out with a bang.


11 responses to “Out with a bang

  1. You won’t hear “no caffeine” from me. Nosiree. I gave up alcohol in 1982. I tried giving up caffeine which is my only vice now, but I couldn’t get thru life with a cuppa or two each day. And would life be worth living without my Yorkshire tea? Certainly not. Life without at least one good vice is like a day without the sun.

  2. I’ve been consuming caffeine every day since I was a teenager and I still haven’t become addicted to it.


  3. The only person you can hurt through caffeine is yourself, so just do whatever you want to!

    Don’t prune your writings too much, I’ve just started reading from the start of your archive and I don’t want to miss anything 😉

  4. What’s that old saying??? – ‘Can’t drink like I used to’… 🙂

    I think there’s something to that, now that I’m older.

    Allison is right. I don’t want to miss anything either.

  5. I was doing a little of my favorite morning reading (including you) and I was sipping my first cup of coffee from my cherished Capresso machine and, well, I had to go get another cup before I could comment! I never smoked cigarettes in a serious fashion, I dabbled with a taste of cigar occasionally in the past, I don’t do other drugs but alcohol and caffeine would be hard to give up. I do go entire stretches of days without a drink (though not many) but coffee is my constant sustainer.

    I’d love to spend a day reading vintage JB but I’m in a spin right now because I foolishly bought another abode before selling my house so I am going to be splitting my time between the two chaos-filled areas starting tomorrow. (We are doing renovation at both ends and sorting through thirty years of accretion here.) Yikes! But good on you, John, for being so organized. And I look forward to a house sale for you and pictures from a new place.

  6. Since I just this very week retired to nurse those wearing out joints, I understand about those accretions and addictions. Since drinking has going the way of the dinosaur here, I’m left with accretions and caffeine.

    I mention all that so you know I understand. You are not alone. I sympathize too. Just keep on keeping on…..we love ya.

    Thanks! And, Happy Retirement!… this is where being busy really starts.

  7. Well John just let someone else lift the glass for ya. 🙂 Tain’t me, I don’t even get to the red wine suggested for my anemia. lol

  8. Best thing ever happened to me, at least in my own opinion, was when “they” started publishing all of the good stuff that can be attributed to red wine, which I dearly love and enjoy. So — what’s a glass or two of an evening, mostly enjoyed with food? Nothing whatso! That’s what. Don’t even think of becoming abstemious, John. Enjoy! It really IS good for you.

  9. ah, the heck with it all, maybe once a person is 70 they should just feel free to_____

  10. I’m totally with Mary Lee – don’t you dare become abstemious – it’s all in the balance and well you know it. Too much sometimes and stuff wells up, it happens, it keeps you honest that way though, I’m sure of that. Hugs though, crappy dreams do linger.

  11. Such a wealth of good thoughts here, folks — thanks!

    One snippet I take to heart is Mary Lee’s direction to red wine. I switched to white some years back. It’s stronger. It has addictive qualities. It should be renamed ‘chavette juice’. I shall try a return to Italian and Greek reds… starting today!

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