What a silly idea

Sunday June 1, 2008

It’s quantity with me and the wine of course.  All of my nature and nurture struggle between me and a half-empty bottle.  Additionally, my switch to white plonk, which is made stronger and stronger year by year, to cater to the appetites of young winos, has been a bad move.  I shall attempt a return to red.  And a great deal less.

I managed the reduction in quantity yesterday quite reasonably well and woke this morning without hang-over.  Not full of vim and vigour of course–the rising heat and humidity put paid to that–but fit and able to cope with the world, with a trip to the holiday camp to pick up Graham, and with a pleasant evening eating M&S lentil and bean roast alongside a mountain of fresh, seasonal vegetables.  We followed that with a raid on my store cupboard, where Graham came up with tinned strawberries and I, all fruit and vegetabled out, sought and found one of my emergency cans of semolina.

“These are gorgeous,” Graham said, slurping the last of his red strawberry and apple juice.

“Can’t say my semolina is very good.  Too runny.”

“Serves you right.  You should make your own.”

“What a silly idea.”


11 responses to “What a silly idea

  1. Hurrah for the return of red! Happy Monday 🙂

  2. I never drink too much wine. That’s not a virtue, I just don’t really like the taste – except for sparkling wine like Cava or champagne when I get the chance.

    Rather have half a pint of bitter 😉

  3. Yes, that’s really a silly idea NOT to drink red wine! 🙂

  4. I suppose it isn’t the wine but when there is whiskey after that slows down my evenings.
    Gawd, where’s my coffee, this is a slow moving Monday morning….

  5. May I recommend good Australia wine (white or red) in the 3 L. box — no more worries about the wine in half-empty bottles going bad as the self-collapsing nature of the bags inside the boxes and the little plastic spigot protect the wine from oxidation. So you can have, for example, a box of Merlot and a box of Pino Grigio and alternate between red and white according to meal and/or mood without fear that the wine will go bad. And the boxed wine gives you the contents of four 75o ml bottles for about the price of three — so you can drink better than plonk without breaking the budget.

  6. Semolina? Gonna make me go to google this early?

  7. btw none of your pictures, header, sidebar loaded.

  8. I’ve never seen Pino Grigio in the boxes, Jim. What brand???

    Bonnie – I had to google semolina too. I knew it was a bread…but in a can??? lol!

  9. Oh pshaw! Semolina is a form of ground rice, which may be baked with sugar and milk into a pudding. Try this for a typical recipe… 🙂

  10. I seldom drink, but on one of the short flight legs (35 minutes) of a 1600+ mile flight home from Alaska, the airline offered a free glass of red wine. I took them up on their offer, thinking of it as medicinal after a three day conference. When I arrived home I was terribly sick for several hours. Served me right. I’m better off keeping entirely away from the stuff.

  11. Ah! I tend to enjoy to much plonk in the evenings too. Although I like both the red and the white, depending on the food planned, I most enjoy the vodka with tonic and lime!!

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