Crying wolf on the trampolines

Monday June 2, 2008

An odd, disjointed day, covering a stream of activities and locations.

We started our excursion by calling in at the Post Office depot to pick up a packet that’d failed delivery on Friday.  Another ‘used’ LP for Graham, this one was ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie.

While waiting in the car for Graham to be served I noticed an ornate Victorian footscraper all forlorn and neglected by a front door in Friarn Street.  These used to be found on all street-fronting town houses, great and small, and were used by gentlemen to remove the mud from their boots.  Not so much mud about in towns these days, I suppose, and I’m not sure these foot scrapers would be of great use in cleaning trainers even if there were.

Boot scraper, Bridgwater

 Then we carried on to the holiday camp where Graham was required to attend a planning meeting–I snoozed happily in the caravan to the sound of the sea–and from there, running late, over to Taunton where he was booked in for an eye test as a necessary preliminary to the purchase of new spectacles.  His first bi-focals.  They’ll be ready for collection in about two weeks and I’m wondering if there’s a Hallmark occasion card to celebrate.

After nibbling subways for lunch there were a stream of small side errands, here there and everywhere, it seemed, until my poor legs began to fail. I tottered off to the car while Graham went on with the last call on his list.

Time we got home I was exhausted, and far too late for my siesta.  I tried for a rest on the bed, and managed to snooze for about ten minutes before the evening kidlets started out on their trampolining, shrieking to one another over the fence tops.  How they do scream!  The plus side is that if indeed they were being eviscerated on a fence spike you’d be excused for taking no notice.  “Dear little children,” you’d be likely to say, smiling. “They do love their trampoline sessions!”



10 responses to “Crying wolf on the trampolines

  1. Be grateful for small mercies John. My neighbours have scramble bikes, one of which backfires frequently, and seven dogs which bark all the time! I agree though, there are few things that prickle the spine and set the teeth on edge quite like the constant shrieking of kids.

  2. This is a boot scraper??? Very noble, stylish and sophisticated!!! I thought rather of a castiron animal bootscraper or sort of an iron grid…
    Good morning all! 🙂

  3. Continuing to keep my fingers crossed for the potential buyers (and their potential buyers).

  4. Hello Mr. Bailey,

    Regarding the bifocals – perhaps you could buy a card that’s blank on the inside, and write the same message top and bottom in different size script. He could then test both parts of the new spectacles. 🙂

  5. Well, scrape MY boots, too. Not at all what I’d always pictured in my mind when seeing the word ‘bootscratper’. And how clever to have recessed it, so the mud falls into the opening rather than outside to perhaps get picked up again. As to screaming kids, ear plugs do help, but only a bit. Pace’!

  6. I wonder if the plants were there on purpose. Nice touch. My boot scraper is a dachsund iron dog. I may need to evaluate what appears to be rust and fix that.

  7. whoa, I want that boot scraper, yes indeedy

  8. Heh! And it wasn’t just mud that those boot scrapers were needed to remove. For all that we may complain about automobile exhaust fumes, there were other kinds of pollution left behind by pre-automotive transportation options.

  9. Brian in Scotland

    Goodness, yes! a VERY “disjointed day” Tuesday June 2nd coming after Sunday June 1st!! However, I think Mondays are often worth losing…..

    Oh, you guys! How would I cope without your eagle eyes! 😀

  10. “Dear little children,” you’d be likely to say, smiling. “They do love their trampoline sessions!”

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