Squeezing the bottle

Thursday June 5, 2008

A couple of days back Graham was happily engaged on making a pair of cushions when his poor old sewing machine made a strange, strangled noise, and began to emit clouds of foul smelling smoke.  After a lot of years hard work the poor old machine had finally collapsed.

We’ve had it repaired and serviced a number of times over the years but something persuaded both of us that it was now an ex-machine.

“Can I have a Pfaff now?” he said, brightly once we’d gone through a brief period of mourning.

“I thought you wanted a Husqvarna.”

“No.  I want a Pfaff.”

And so today we took delivery of a nice ‘new’ sewing machine, a Pfaff Tiptronic 1029.

Graham is much taken with it, and spent the whole day learning how to operate it, finishing just before Buffy time by producing the first of the new cushions.

I made an excursion to Sainsbury’s for provisions and to fill my tummy with a mega-brunch.  Otherwise I seem to have spent the day gazing morosely out of the window, wishing for… I dunno.  Ye gods and little fishes but I do dislike my morose days.

Shortly before dinner Graham leapt to his feet and grabbed the vacuum cleaner and his house cleaning kit.  An hour later the house gleamed, all tidy and neat.

“There,” he said.  “We’re ready now.”

“What for?”

“I have a premonition that the house viewers are going to start coming very soon now.”

“Oh.  Goody.  Is there any of this wine left?”

“If you squeeze the bottle.”

Foot-note, or boob-note if you wish:  I peeled the dressing off early this evening, gingerly.  It was well adhered.  Nothing remarkable was revealed except for an interesting bruise and an even more interesting display of the different words I have for ‘ouch’.  Failing interesting developments of the hospital bug kind, this’ll be the last of the boob bulletins until I go back for my post-biopsy consultation.


12 responses to “Squeezing the bottle

  1. boob-note or boob bulletin?Which one is tickling me more? put a tear in my eye they did.

    I dislike my morose days too, I try very hard to remember what they are when they’re happening, but it doesn’t make the yuckyness any easier to stumach while your going through it. I just keep repeating to myself, like a mantra, that tomorrow I’ll have a different perspective, it eases the spiraling feeling a little.

  2. “wishing for… I dunno”

    Oh yes, know that feeling!

  3. When you’re feeling OK you can tell yourself that other people get like you, but on those days you feel like you’re the only one in the world.

  4. Both Alison’s summed it up quite nicely.

    I think we all feel like that, now and again. I fear I dislike those days as well.

  5. Don’t like those days either. And it’s always a huge relief when they’re gone and a new day begins which is always a better one.

  6. Those days I sit and stare at this screen and should go stare out the window. 🙂

    I’ll bet that machine of Graham’s has more gadgets than you care to think about.

  7. I’d love to see pictures of the cushions!

  8. Yes, please. Can we see the cushions?

    Yes, having a machine self destruct like that must have been frightening. My Elna reached the point where they didn’t make parts and I would have had to buy a second machine just to fix the new one.

    So is he having fun?

  9. So, the ex machine now has no deus? Sorry, I couldn’t keep from it. And I really love Gary’s comment. What more is there to say, after you’ve said “Pfaff”, except maybe offer a candy mint proudly displaying the manufacturer’s name. “Would you care to have a Pschitt? ” True! I still have the evidence. from a European airline flight years ago.
    Far, far too good to eat or part with, either one. Along with my treasured squares of toilet tissue from Heathrow, each one marked “Her Majesty’s Property”.

  10. I get those days too but I try to convince myself that if I pretend it’s not happening then everything is okay. (Hey, if we can’t fool ourselves, how are we ever going to fool anyone else?)

  11. Graham’s off at the holiday camp now until late Sunday evening… I’ll ask him to pose his cushion for me but there’s a possibility he’ll say wait for the second one… 😉 I shall not forget, though.

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