Nothing clever about it

Friday June 6, 2008

Some people seem to be able to make much of growing older, to the extent of getting all analytical and literary about it, sometimes.  More power to their hopefully non-arthritic elbow, that’s what I say.

To me, growing older is no great shakes.  You’re born.  You stop bawling, plop your thumb in your mouth, and wait for something interesting to happen.  After a while, you pull your thumb out of your mouth and get busy with your life.  Then, business done, you plop your thumb back in your mouth and sit in the window looking out.  Nothing clever about it.

And the problem with wearing the bottoms of your trousers rolled is that your ankles get chilly.



12 responses to “Nothing clever about it

  1. I retire in five weeks. I’m working on thumb insertion positions in preparation.

    Works for babies, Dick, and they know a thing or two about long term survival. Happy retirement!

  2. sometimes me thinks thou dost protest too much

  3. Hmm I’ll skip the thumb in mouth as long as I can think. 🙂 Daughter chided me for rolled jeans. I’ve no intention of dragging my sewing machine out. Perhaps I could send them to Graham? lol

  4. Very nice literary allusion.

    I loved Eliot when I was a teenager, was tired of him when I was in grad school, and now that my hair is grey (and there is a definite thin spot that would be visible to anyone following as I descend a stair) I find that I have come to have a new appreciation of his work.

    I grow old . . .I grow old . . .
    I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

  5. It’s good to have friends who understand you!

    Just emerged from a house viewing. Nice couple. They liked the house and are in a position to proceed. I felt like chaining them to the doorpost before they got away.

    We shall see.

  6. Tell them they can have Dolly if they buy.
    Wait, scratch that, Dolly is priceless.

  7. Shame, Gary! Dolly is, indeed, priceless and would most certainly demand her own right to say whether to go with John and Graham, or stay with the buyers. Wanna make any bets?

  8. They can have the house but they’re not getting Dolly. The female viewer did however fall in love with our mega-cat, and demanded to know breed and kennel details. I warned her that life would never be the same if they team up with a Dolly. She seemed to think that’d be a good thing.

  9. The female viewer certainly gets quality points in any event. Here’s hoping.

  10. Good luck with the house. When I am home, I tend to tuck the long ends of pants into my socks. One advantage of getting along in years is not really giving a hoot what others think of your eccentricities. Comfort takes centre stage.

  11. Quick! Go find a pretty cat and include it in the asking price and seal the deal! Steal the nieghbor’s cat if you have to!

  12. Ole and I haven’t had time to look for our thumbs yet. There are some days that I wish weren’t so busy so that we would.

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